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BabyMoon Gaming House is a Play-And-Earn guild with worldwide activity. We support the needs of gamers by facilitating access to NFTs and providing tools that allow gamers to earn an income while enjoying the game. Our mission is to revolutionize gaming, building the most inclusive community ecosystem in the Metaverse and Web3. This will be done through the BGH DAO platform we are building, which will host scholarships, Defi opportunities, educational training, and everything else a person could need to become a player in the Play-To-Earn ecosystem.

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Founding Date: Aug 2021
Guild Region: France
Languages: English, Filipino, Spanish
Member Regions: Asia, Latam, Europe

What makes BabyMoon Gaming House different?

Guilds will be the main bridge to Web3. The Web3 allows the monetisation of content, time and performance. It is now possible to play games, create contents in the metaverse, own digital assets and be paid for it. This new market promises a wide range of activities and possibilities for the next leaders of this digital world. It is certain that in the near future many sectors of activity will mutate into the metaverse, jobs, entertainment, creation, innovation. The most visionary guilds are involved in developing, exploring and defining the future boundaries of this digital world. BGH represents this vision, come and be part of this evolution!

Kindly Koala
I have participated in following the guidelines and rules of this airdrop, I hope that many people w
I have participated in following the guidelines and rules of this airdrop, I hope that many people will be lucky to get a prize from this airdrop.


Team Members

Paul Dubreuil
Joris Lieutaud
Swan François

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