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Enrich Game Guild is a Gaming Guild with the goal of spreading GameFi knowledge to the Mekong Delta and helping GameFi projects expand the community. At the same time, EGG has the goal of becoming one of the pioneering and strongest Game Guilds in the field of Blockchain Game in the Mekong Delta.

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Founding Date: 21 Nov 2021
Guild Region: Vietnam
Languages: English, Vietnamese
Member Regions: Vietnam, Indonesia

What makes Enrich Game Guild different?

We aim for a sustainable, long-term and growing GameFi community. At the same time, EGG is also active in disseminating knowledge about crypto markets, NFT and GameFi among community members. Besides, EGG is ready to support members who wish to become Kols GameFi through streaming, video recording and editing activities on Social Media platforms. Each member of the Guild is a valuable piece of the puzzle to create the overall success of EGG.

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Team Members

Kelvin Huy
Belle Vo
Community Manager
Tony Nguyen
Executive Assistant
Lionel Huynh
Office Manager
Franky Huynh
Investment & Research Analyst
Quinn Dinh
Project Researcher & Marketer
Hana Duong
Social Media Manager
Kaitlyn Le
PR Coordinator

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