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Highlight Gamehouse is building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). A large community with a variety of people playing games on the Blockchain platform, allowing everyone to easily access blockchain games, joining and building on the Metaverse as well as earning profit. As one of the largest blockchain Gaming Guilds in Vietnam, Highlight Gamehouse provides scholarships and educational resources among game publishers to thousands of players who earn rewards through blockchain games. Additionally Highlight Gamehouse provides all our guild members with a supportive community, access to Game-fi assets as well as blockchain software products.

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Founding Date: Nov 2021
Guild Region: Vietnam, Philippine, Brazil
Languages: Vietnamese, English
Member Regions: Vietnam, Philippine, Brazil

What makes Highlight Gamehouse different?

After a 7-month launching period, we already standardize the organization in both community and game guild approaches. As mentioned on our website, Highlight Gamehouse already incubated a total of 7 Gamefi projects including Elemon, Epic War, Mones, etc... Based on the project foundation and vision, we provide a variety of incubating and marketing services to our partners in the Vietnam, Philippines, and Brazil market. Through the game guild capital, we had applied for scholarships for approximately 300 active members. Alliance between Highlight Gamehouse and other Guilds: Highlight Gamehouse is collaborating with other top crypto and Game-fi communities around the world; who put the community first and who want to educate and empower the first generation of Metaverse citizens. Highlight Gamehouse will share our industry-leading educational resources, marketing, and software tools with our allied communities. Together, we will provide the highest value to Game-fi members and partners by coordinating community activities and promotional campaigns with a global reach. For Game-fi projects, we will quickly become the most influential team for marketing and community building. Our network of players, powered by our products, multiplies the network effect of the game. This accelerates the go-to-market process of projects and puts them ahead of competitors who choose to go it alone. Our shared ecosystem will also provide a number of benefits to members, including: - Exclusive access to and knowledge of new Game-fi projects - Priority access to scholarship programs with industry-leading rewards - Improve their blockchain, crypto and Game-fi knowledge and learn how to earn in Highlight Gamehouse Academy - Tournaments and rewards supported by Highlight on behalf of game publishers. - The right to participate in the purchase and sale of NFT items at a discounted price.

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Team Members

Erick Tran
Hanzo Nguyen
Loky Vu
Sa Haths
Jenis Lee
David Nguyen
Content Leader

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