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Hoopoe Ventures established in May of 2021 and is one of the largest guilds in Turkey. Continuing to grow since its inception with 350 scholars. Blockchain has brought us financial freedom. This trust has brought with it NFTs which transform every asset into a valuable digital asset within the blockchain. NFTs have gained a new spirit by getting stronger with games and have use cases far beyond digital artworks. As Hoopoe Ventures, our aim is to make NFTs, whom we believe to have a soul, come alive by dressing their Body skins in-game. In this way, we want to create a revenue model that can be shared in this revolutionary movement by bringing together Games, players and investors. We make this model in a completely decentralized way in the most appropriate way to the spirit of the blockchain.

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Founding Date: 17 May 2021
Guild Region: Turkey
Languages: Turkish, English
Member Regions: Turkey

What makes Hoopoe Ventures different?

We are a fully decentralized Guild platform. Every member has an NFT membership card. These membership cards have an upgradeable structure. The levels of membership cards increase according to the performance of the members. Thanks to this increase, members can get more shares from our stake pools. Our members can also participate in INOs and earn income from game projects as a guild member. By combining the performance-based reward system with a decentralized structure, we offer our members a first in the most transparent way.

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Backed By

Polygon Studios

Team Members

OğuzKaan KURT
Guild Manager
Mert Coşkun
Marketing Specialist
Kemal Emre Ballı
Software & Blockchain Developer

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