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Mad Monkey Guild is a blockchain-based gaming community that aims to create a new revolution for NFT games. We help every player earn money just by playing games. Mad Monkey Guild is developed by Metub. Metub is the official partner of YouTube, the number one YouTube network for talented creators in Asia with thousands of KOL, streamers, and more than six billion views monthly. Currently, Metub is managing 3000 Youtube channels across Asia, with 600 channels focusing on gaming. That is why the Mad Monkey Guild will be the best place to help game developers promote their products. Currently, we have provided the scholarships for Axie Infinity, Blockchain Monster Hunt, in the near future will have Mytheria, Sipher, DefiHorse and Delysium. Besides that, if we cannot do the scholarships due to some technical reasons, we still can cross-mkt with gamefi projects and help them to build their community or even directly invest in the potential projects by joining private sales or buying NFTs. Meanwhile, we also offer a great opportunity for passionate players to become KOLs, streamers, or even stars. Playing games will become the next generation's career path. Outstanding players will have the opportunity to compete in the top e-sports tournaments.

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Founding Date: Oct 2021
Guild Region: Vietnam
Languages: Vietnamese, English
Member Regions: Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil

What makes Mad Monkey Guild different?

In addition to investing and providing NFT to scholars, MMG aims to become a nurturing incubator for generations of streamers on fertile GameFi land in particular as well as the blockchain market in general. The project is named MMG's Talent and in the future will move towards Talent Dao, where fans can participate in the activities of Talent through holding MMG and NFT Tokens. In addition, towards the goal of building an international gaming community, MMG will continuously organize professional Esport - NFT games tournaments with the desire to create an attractive playground for gamers and all gamefi publishers around the world.

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Rada Network
Shima Capital
Kyber Network

Team Members

Steven Nguyen
Phuong Ha
Vo Huu Tien
Minh Huynh
Lam Mai
Quynh Anh Nguyen

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