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MetaGaming Guild (MGG) is one of the world’s fastest growing GameFi guilds who’s on a mission to make game finance fairer for the masses. MGG buys the best Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from gaming startups and rents them out to a community of players through the scholarship program. With this, MGG scholars can access games without upfront costs, access early stage game tokens like VCs, and deploy their NFTs to automated yield. Overall, MGG is a unified ecosystem of Gaming Guild, INO/IGO Launchpad, GameFi Vaults, Game Yield Farming and P2E Game.

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Founding Date: Sep 2021
Guild Region: Philippines
Languages: English, Filipino
Member Regions: Philippines

What makes MetaGaming Guild different?

MGG is a revolutionary GameFi Guild that is driven to reinvent blockchain gaming unlike any other! We are the very FIRST gaming guild to become a launchpad for GameFi projects and the first to introduce the FIRST form of automated yield in blockchain gaming. We create opportunities beyond scholarships. MGG continues to reinvent P2E gaming by introducing player-centric protocols and profit-sharing schemes. We are driven to formalize NFT gaming and build an inclusive community of tactical gamers who actively play-to-earn.

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Backed By

DAO Maker
Icetea Labs
LD capital
Megala Ventures
AC Capital
Metrix Capital
TK Ventures
Sparkpoint Global Ventures
Double Peak Group
Origin Ventures
Reaptor Capital
Halvings Capital
GHAF Capital

Team Members

Andy Agnas
Rico Zuñiga
Chief Technology Officer
Morris Perico
Chief Operating Officer
Myrtle Anne Ramos
Key Opinion Leader
Leslie Diana Apongol
Chief Marketing Officer
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