Ftribe Fighters
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About Game

Ftribe Fighters is a metaverse, multiplayer online battle arena game designed for mobile platforms. It includes console-quality graphics, free-to-play-to-earn token economics, and additional functionalities that support AR/VR headsets. Our game is being developed by FTribe Games, the largest game studio in Vietnam with 40+ members, aiming to create a series of connected games.

Play Mode

According to our current release schedule, we have planned 3 game modes: Battle Royale (1), Control Point (2) and Defend the Monument (3). (subjected to change upon further releases)

1. The player can queue up to form teams with one (Duo), or upto 3 friends/other random players (Squad). 

Upon entering the match, a danger zone will be announced on the map every minute. Players are given a 30 seconds period to move into the safe zone before it shrinks down. Band together with friends or other players and fight for survival, as the last person/team standing will claim victory! 

An arsenal of tools such as traps, ammo boxes, bunks and many others are scattered across the map, allowing players to shape their outcome of engagements to their favor. Our functionalities also include weapons dropping upon a player's death, the D.B.N.O (Down But Not Out) system, allowing players a dynamic experience when playing.

2. The player can queue up to form teams with one (Duo), or upto 3 friends/other random players (Squad). 

Upon entering the match, Control Points will be determined on the map for teams to capture. Capturing a Control Point will generate points, therefore encouraging players to defend captured ground and invade enemy territory in order to harvest the most points possible. 

Each match lasts 5 minutes, with the winning team determined by the most points gained. 

3. This mode requires four players per team. Players can queue up with random players or form teams with friends by invite.

Every team is tasked with a monument to defend. Players are encouraged to strategize between their team in order to destroy the opponent's monument while defending their own. Destroying an opponent's monument or eliminating their team from the game results in victory!

Play-to-Earn Model

  • Players earn Rewards token by winning matches, then they can swap the tokens for cash
  • Upgrading NFTs items and sell them in marketplace

Highlight Features
  • Free to Play to Earn
  • See NFTS in VR and AR
  • Lending NFTs

Ftribe Fighters
Ftribe Games
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