Legends of Mitra
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DeveloperGem Studios

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About Game

Legends of Mitra is an NFT 3D play-to-earn defense strategy game. The game comes with a rich storyline, epic 3D NFT heroes and a solid user experience offering players and investors a great and entertaining gameplay. All heroes are NFTs that can be earned, bought or sold in our in-game marketplace. 


Your Kingdom, Mitra, had been suffering under the Curse of Crimson Fell when the Oblivion Horde invaded. Sensing weakness, much like a predator watching a dying fawn, the monstrous Horde knew the Kingdom was ripe for plunder and swept across the land, ruthlessly destroying all in its path.

You were forced to flee to safety, together with your family and the royal guard. Survivors from across the Kingdom flocked to your banner, seeking refuge from the Oblivion Horde. It is now time to fight and defeat Horde and his army so you can bring Mitra to its former glory.

Play Mode

  1. PvE
  2. PvP
  3. Clan Mode

Play-to-Earn Model

In Legends of Mitra, players are rewarded for their time, efforts, and skills in the game. The reward is measured purely based on how well and skilled the player is in the game. The skillful you are, the more enemies you kill, the more you earn MITA.

Highlight Features

Top of the class gameplay : The game comes with 3 different types of gameplay mode (PvE,PvP and Clan mode) this provides a rich and unique gameplay experience for all different types of players.

NFTs : All heroes are NFTs which can be earned, bought and sold by players

Marketplace : The game comes with an inbuilt marketplace where players can buy and sell in-game items

Value for players : LoM comes with an inbuilt reputation and reward system which automatically rewards players with MITA tokens for their experience, skills and performance in the game.

System Requirements

Legends of Mitra
Gem Studios
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