6 Sep, 2022
Just want to share feedback and some thoughts about StepN. At the end of March I bought my first shoes for me and several days after for my mom, she is not working currently. I was a bit challenge for me to explain her all staff about creating wallet, saving in secret place her password, how to Start walking and repair shoes, sending between wallets, etc. But after a week max, she get used to it. Recently I told her that I want to mint our shoes and asked to share her one. Yesterday she told me that she is a bit upset, because StepN walking each day formed a good habit for her to walk every day at almost the same time, which is the good side of StepN, besides we could earn, which incentives us to do it each day. Btw I minted on May 2 shoes and get 2 shoeboxes. I was really happy. Currently I am leveling up shoes to start earn GMT, when it is launched.
Pros and Cons

good habit for healty lifestyle

GPS could be avoided with own pedometer. Number of assets should be better limited.

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