Legends of Elumia IGO

Legends of Elumia IGO

Elumia is a next generation Play and Earn, NFT based MMORPG (Massive Multi Player Online Roleplaying Game). Elumia is set in a fantasy world where players can freely roam and create their own adventure by becoming land owners, merchants, and going on quests to battle enemies to gain rewards. Players buy their own NFT characters to enter the game, with every character having a unique look and attributes. Players acquire new items in game by completing objectives, defeating enemies, or by purchasing them from a marketplace. Items have a variety of rarity, and players can also upgrade their items during gameplay. Throughout the evolution of the game there will be ongoing NFT game asset releases, new characters, mounts, pets, loot boxes, and even buildings and land. Buildings will be in limited supply but allow the player to own real estate (including shops, food stores and blacksmiths) when players use and spend at these facilities the owner receives income.


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