OceanLand IGO

OceanLand IGO

Oceanland is a play to earn type blockchain game that combines crypto world with the gaming world. Players earn income by guiding the hero throughout the game. Oceanland brings different aspects of blockchain together by merging crypto assets with DeFi and NFT. Oceanland rewards players through gathering resources required for the main character in the game. The game story revolves around a man, who is the lone survivor of a shipwreck, washes ashore to an island where he must gather necessary resources to survive. All resources and NFTs can be bought via OLAND token, which is the native token of the game. Players will be able to increase their OLAND by playing the game. OLAND can be traded on centralized and decentralized exchanges. There are resource tokens that enable our hero to survive on the island. OLAND holders will be able to maximize their income by farming, staking and swapping their tokens in the game. DeFi operations will add value to OLAND as providing utility beyond the gameplay.


IGO Network
BNB Chain
Min Rank
KYC Status

Swap Progress

30%2,850,000 / 9,500,000

Token Info

Token Price0.03 BUSD
Total Raise$285,000
Swap Amount9,500,000 OLAND
Token NetworkBNB ChainBNB Chain
IGO NetworkBNB ChainBNB Chain
Accepted CurrencyBUSDBUSD
Vesting Schedule25% unlocked, 75% released over 3 months equally

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10:00, 27 May 2022
09:00, 06 Jun 2022
Winner Announcement
09:00, 06 Jun 2022
Pre-order (Min Rank: Pro)
17:00, 06 Jun 2022
10:00, 07 Jun 2022
Buying Phase 1 - Guarantee
10:00, 07 Jun 2022
11:00, 07 Jun 2022
Buying Phase 2 - FCFS
11:00, 07 Jun 2022
11:15, 07 Jun 2022
11:15, 08 Jun 2022