A Brief Introduction about GameFi.org — an all-in-one discovery hub for games and metaverses



Aug 5, 20213 min read

A Brief Introduction about GameFi.org — an all-in-one discovery hub for games and metaverses

Icetea Labs and DAO Maker created GameFi with support from Polygon Technology and MorningStar Venture to lay the foundation for the play-to-earn gaming finance economy which is under massive surge.

Blockchain Game Landscape

Blockchain play-to-earn gaming is emerging as a phenomenon. Axie Infinity is currently the market’s most popular NFT game, with weekly sales at times reaching $100 million. The success of Axie Infinity and other recent blockchain games has accelerated the growth of the play-to-earn model to unprecedented levels. Numerous innovative gaming finance concepts have evolved from this model; for instance, scholarships have garnered significant attention.

In the meantime, the prospects of blockchain games are immense since the whole blockchain-based in-game economy is still in its infancy and just beginning to develop its potential.

  • No dedicated launchpad for blockchain games that allows those interested to gain early access to qualifying games.
  • No game hub to explore standout blockchain game projects or valuable in-game items. Meanwhile, the number of play-to-earn games continues to grow at a breakneck pace.
  • No central repository where players can easily track their earnings and manage their in-game items. This is highly inconvenient if the player participates in multiple games concurrently.
  • No platform provides comprehensive game finance tools, including trading, funding, and scholarship opportunities.
  • No model enables owners of game items to maximize the value of their possessions when they are not actively playing the game. Owners are unable to delegate their items to a guild for a recurring yield. By contrast, gamers who require those items are unable to obtain them.

Concerning game studios willing to adopt blockchain, many lack the necessary technical expertise and an effective platform for reaching out to and developing relationships with game players or token holders.

We created GAMEFI to work out these existing challenges effectively.

What is GameFi?

GameFi.org is an all-in-one discovery hub for games and metaverses. We aim to build digital communities and manage virtual economies for mainstream adoption. GameFi.org offers a suite of solutions covering the entire games and gamified projects lifecycle, following a vision of one digital platform, one virtual identity requiring zero blockchain knowledge.

Visit https://gamefi.org for more information.

GameFi is strongly backed by Icetea Labs, an incubator for rising projects such as Faraland and Kaby Arena, and DAO Maker, a launchpad for numerous high-profile game projects. This collaboration is a crucial first step in providing a solid foundation for the growth of GameFi’s ecosystem.

The GameFi.org ecosystem includes Launchpad, Game Hub, Marketplace, Earn and Save, Guild Hub, Game Pass, Game Portal, and Tournament.

  • GameFi launchpad: One of the leading gaming platforms conducting Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) for game projects to get first access to game assets and engage with gamers in the GameFi.org community.

👉🏻 See more: https://gamefi.org/igo

  • Game Hub (former Aggregator): A listing page of the industry’s most creative blockchain games, where players, investors, and traders can receive in-depth information about their game modes, game studios, whitepapers, tokenomics as well as planned IGO events.

👉🏻 See more: https://gamefi.org/hub

  • Marketplace: GameFi.org Marketplace is the destination for everyone to browse, collect and trade NFT items from various collections of games & metaverse projects, updating in real-time.

👉🏻 See more: https://gamefi.org/marketplace

  • GameFi Earn: GameFi Earn is a one-stop service allowing users to earn interest on crypto savings. It offers different types of funds, including Flexible and Fixed pools with competitive interest rates.

👉🏻 See more: https://gamefi.org/earn

  • Guild Hub: Guild Hub is a center where GameFi.org presents to users descriptions of valuable gaming guilds in the blockchain industry and updates on their scholarship programs.

👉🏻 See more: https://gamefi.org/guilds

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