A Chance to Meet Sentient Pets in MetaSpets: An Upcoming IGO Project on GameFi.org



Apr 13, 20222 min read

A Chance to Meet Sentient Pets in MetaSpets: An Upcoming IGO Project on GameFi.org

An appealing game with adorable but strong pets will land on GameFi.org shortly. Let’s have a look at the article below to understand more about the project and its collaboration with the GameFi.org launchpad.

Project Overview

MetaSpets is a turn-based idle role-play game taking place in a magical post-apocalyptic. Users have chances to interact with sentient pets which can become their companions and guardians to wander into this fantastical world.

MetaSpets is now listed on GameFi Hub. Viewers can watch the project’s trailer video and images to have a more thorough understanding of the gameplay.

👉 Watch here: https://gamefi.org/hub/metaspets

The world of MetaSpets includes more than 60 different kinds of pets with skillful abilities. They will accompany gamers on the whole journey for survival. Gamers will take care of their pets and take them into battles. Once winning over opponents, gamers and their pets will obtain precious awards.

There are plenty of game modes in MetaSpets such as Boss Raids, PvP, PvE, or Guild Wars. Gamers are rewarded tokens and other prizes when participating in each gameplay. They can equip these valuable items for stronger skills and health, or trade them in the marketplace.

Learning from other games' weaknesses and strengths, the MetaSpets team will focus on creating a unique product for users’ brand new experience. The game is designed to be easy to earn, highly accessible, entertaining, user-friendly, and with a built-in play-and-earn function.

One of the hearted-made games is coming to GameFi.org users. MetaSpets $MSP IGO will be conducted on GameFi launchpad on April 27, 2022. Let’s turn on your notifications for the latest news.

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