A New Solana-Based Project on GameFi.org with High-quality Graphics and Engaging Gameplay: Legends of Elumia is Coming to You



Apr 15, 20222 min read

A New Solana-Based Project on GameFi.org with High-quality Graphics and Engaging Gameplay: Legends of Elumia is Coming to You

A new project on the Solana network is on the way to the GameFi.org community shortly. Are you curious about this project and its IGO on our launchpad? Let’s have a look at the article below and find out about such an interesting project.
The project has been listed on GameFi Hub with engaging trailer videos and illustrations. 👉 Access here: https://gamefi.org/game/legends-of-elumia

Legends of Elumia is a next-generation play-to-earn and NFT-based Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. It is set in a fantasy world where players can be landowners or traders to wander and create their own adventures. Besides, they can take part in quests to combat opponents to achieve precious rewards. Players have to buy NFT characters that have unique appearances and attributes to access the game activities.

The game stands out from competitors thanks to its excellent graphics and features enjoyable gameplay enabling players to earn income. Elumia is built on the Solana network for quick, safe, and decentralized digital asset ownership. Players can immerse themselves in multiplayer adventures and fierce player battles with in-game foes and against other players.

Players need to obtain various items for more chances of winning. They can acquire them by fulfilling missions, combating enemies, or purchasing from a marketplace. Each item has its own rarity and characteristics, which are used for in-game participation. Along with the development of the game, plenty of NFT assets with high value will be released shortly. Gamers have full ownership of their characters, equipment, and other items within the Elumia metaverse. Especially, they have more opportunities to earn when winning battlegrounds and progressing in diverse activities.

The game’s governance token is $ELU (Elumia Crowns). Its holders will have the right to raise their thought about the game’s evolution in the future.

One of the most amazing games on GameFi is landing for you soon. Legends of Elumia will launch its IGO for $ELU on GameFi.org this month. Stay tuned until April 26, 2022, then join us.

More information about Legends of Elumia:

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