Al Tech Aims to Make Metaverse Design Accessible for Creators



Oct 17, 20222 min read

Al Tech Aims to Make Metaverse Design Accessible for Creators

An AI-enabled material maker for advanced creative and individualized metaverse creation was introduced in the Mona metaverse.

In many Web3 activities, artificial intelligence (AI) is a mainstay. It is fundamental to the foundations of what decentralized technology is, from nonfungible token (NFT) creation to fraud detection.

An AI-powered 3D generator for material creation was unveiled by Mona, a Miami-based Web3 social platform and 3D metaverse development company. Designers and makers on the site can use the tool to input words into the AI system to generate content for their unique digital places.

The MonaAI Material Generator is similar to the AI image and design generator DALL-E. However, The emphasis is on realistic and "seamless" textures that can be used in a metaverse environment. According to Mona, the tool will be available to the platform's approximately 4,500 designers who are now working on it.

According to Justin Melillo, co-founder and CEO of Mona, AI is increasingly more accessible to creators and metaverse developers. Especially with tools like the aforementioned DALL-E and now Mona’s 3D materials designer, more entrance barriers have been removed.

“The goal over the next year is to make these tools even more accessible to more creators."

However, AI skeptics always bring up the concern that  automated systems replace human creativity. According to Melillo, design and AI-assisted tools make it easier to construct in the digital world, especially for beginners.

“Overall, AI should be seen as a tool for artists to help amplify their work, not replace it. There is no substitution for human creativity.”

In addition to cosmetic design applications, AI is also being integrated into other aspects of metaverse design. As an example, it has been used to solve underpopulation issues as well as to create unique playable scenarios for individual users.

The MonaAI Material Generator is one AI-powered mechanism that enables high-quality uniqueness in the digital world.

Melillo says that AI is a tool that will promote the further acceptance of Web3 regardless of the quality at the moment.

“By making tools accessible that make the creation process easier, we can onboard more users to Web3 through the work they create and share via the blockchain.”

He says AI plays a “pivotal role” in the advancement of Web3 and the Metaverse and pushes both into the future.