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Welcome GameFi members,

This recap is for those who could not join the AMA GameFi with ASPO WORLD hosted on April 04th, 2022.

We are so glad to introduce our partner, DRUNK ROBOTS project

Ms. Ekaterina Belash, Media Manager of Drunk Robots provided information about the project’s features, some special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Quiz

Winners shared a pool prize of $300

Below is Section 1: Guests and Project introduction

- Host: Hey Everyone! We are going to have an AMA with DRUNK ROBOTS which is going to start now!

Hi @Elvea, how are you today?

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: Hello, everyone! Glad to be here. How are you?

- Host: Thanks, I’m good and happy to meet you. Hope you are excited to our AMA session.

Let’s begin

Let’s begin with the first question: First of all, please introduce to community yourself, we are eager to know about you.

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: My name is Kate and I’m a Media Manager in Drunk Robots, a very special, fun and crazy game.

That’s a great introduction! So what is DRUNK ROBOTS? What will it serve?

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: Drunk Robots is a play-to-earn game and it serves the idea of spending time in a fun and pleasing way with an opportunity to earn) We’re here to bring irony, humor and reduce stress.

And the last question for Segment 1, Let’s dive into the tokenomic. Please elaborate on this.

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: The tokenomics is clearly explained here

And I can add that the utility of our token will be very wide.

- Host: Thank you for answering the questions for our introduction segment.

Now, We’re down to SEGMENT 2

Earlier, the team has picked 5 questions to elaborate in the AMA. Let’s throw light on.

In segment 2, the team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

- Host: We have prepared 5 questions for you from Twitter

Yeah let’s go with the 1st question from @lingmustafi

Because DeFi and NFT games are trending these days, many projects with poor value is mushrooming. Could you share your novelty and your strengths compared to hundreds of projects out there? What do you think be your outstanding points?

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: First of all, we have a great team:

Our 3 co-founders have big expertise in blockchain and other fields. And regarding the game industry, we have staff from such companies as Ubisoft, PlayStation, Nintendo, DeNA, Wargaming, IGG, and also who used to work on Halo online and Lineage2.

Our main strengths are:

  • Narrative
  • Game-design
  • Finance-design
  • Design

2nd question from @hustlawatson

As F2P player, I read about the gameplay, mining and farming is the two main activities to get rewards, does the reward good when we compare it to the rewards from PvP matches. If I wasnt invest too much in this game at first, is there a chance for me to win a fight in PvP?

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: Our mining is called scavenging and it is for farming $JUNK for buying containers for upgrading your robots. And in PVP you can earn $METAL. And the main token will be the reward in the races too. But the info about this game will be closer to IDO. So, answering your question I must say that the tokens are different in these activities.

3rd question from @wuchongxin

I really care about partnership and backer of any project, so could you list some of the well-known names to reinforce my belief in Drunk Robots ? Will they support on the ongoing as well as the post-ido development ?

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash:

  1. Shima Capital
  2. 1inch Founders
  5. DEX ventures
  6. Moonrock Capital
  7. Liquidifty
  8. Faraland
  9. Wanakafarm
  10. Polygon
  11. Polygon studios
  12. Binance NFT
  13. Good Games Guild
  14. Animoca Brands

And more

The partnerships are long-term, not just of a moment.

4th question from @1111Jan11111

You Mention for non-gamers, users can use Drunk Robots to invest and buy NFT which will then be loaned to a gamer giving passive income automatically. So, what does this NFT loan system look like? Is there a minimum amount of how much a non-gamer can invest to earn passively?

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: The scholarships system will be implemented in future.

And the last question from @Necromancerw2

Recently, P2E games are stumbling in the disadvantages by Axie Infinity’s Ronin network suffers hack. What are the security protocols that you have included in your platform to protect all the assets of your main commercial partners and users?

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: We exist on the backend. So we’re well prepared and safe.

- Host: Great!

Thank you so much for answering the questions from our Twitter Community.

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: My pleasure!

- Host: We are very honored to have you here with us today. We will surely be happy to be a part of Drunk Robots.

Do you have any message for our dear community before we start our live quiz?

- Ms. Ekaterina Belash: Yes! Thank you for having me today, I enjoyed this AMA🍿 Join us and participate in our gleam!)

In segment 3, For the Live Quiz, we will unmute the chat. I will drop the question and the first one who got the right answer will be declared as winner.

Note: Please don’t drop questions as it is not a Live Telegram Segment.

1. The name of main currency in Drunk Robots metaverse?


2. How to earn $METAL?

- Purchase, PvP mode, Trade items & Robots on marketplace, Farming

3. When will be the IGO date in

- 07 April 2022

4. How many types of gameplay do Drunk Robots contain?

- 5 modes of gameplay (PvP, Expeditions, Scabenging, Drunk Races, Mini Games)

5. What is the utility of $JUNK token?

- $JUNK will be used for containers purchase, raffles and equipment upgrade.

- Host: Join here so that you will be updated for the upcoming events of Drunk Robots!

Thank you so much for your time and participation, @Elvea

Another great AMA! Hope you have learned more about Drunk Robots

That’s the end of our AMA.

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