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Jan 16, 20225 min read

AMA recap: Froyo Games x

Hello GameFi fellas,

On 13th JANUARY 2022, we had a chance to e-meet and learned about FROYO GAMES project — a metaverse gaming launchpad for esports, games, creators and publishers. It has an accessible ecosystem of about 500 global developers and more than 350 game titles with over 360 million downloads.

The AMA session was held in GameFi’s Telegram Channel with the participation of Mr. OxFroyo — a Froyo Wizard. The team provided information about the project’s features, some special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $300 .

Below is section 1: Guests and Project introduction

Host: Welcome to GameFi Community @zeroxfroyo. We are very glad to have you here today 😊

Speaker: Thank you for having me here 😊

Host: Alright, first of all, Please have a quick-introduction to the community what is Froyo Games supposed to be?

Speaker: A new revolution is coming. This is your ticket to ride into this brave new world with us.

We have an accessible ecosystem of 500+ developers worldwide and 350+ game titles with over 360 million downloads. We are enabling the inclusion of blockchain technologies with an accessible ecosystem to any game developers who want to build on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, granting them access to our user base and tools when they launch their games on Froyo Games — a platform built by true game makers.

Host: That is totally cool! FROYO is backed by many big VCs but the team are all anonymous. What’s the reason behind and do you guys plan to go public in the future?

Speaker: It is undeniable that a lot of good projects are doxxed but there are also a lot of good projects which are operating anonymously such as Pancakeswap, Mobox, YFI to name a few.

We may go public in the future but you can see on our website that we are more than capable on publishing games and delivering the best.

Host: We are looking forward for the games that you will be delivering soon 🤩

Why do we need another game platform? We already have too many and Epic//EA/Ubisoft already said they wanna implement NFTs into their games.

Speaker: What if our ecosystem produces work for Epic/EA/Ubisoft as well? You never know. And yes. Our ecosystem produces work for Epic/EA/Ubisoft. Our ecosystem produces work blizzard, sandbox, final fantasy, and many many more triple A games :)

Host: Thank you so much for answering the Introduction Questions @zeroxfroyo. Let;s now ovw on to our 2nd segment, the Twitter Questions

In segment 2, the team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: Awhile ago, the team have chosen 5 questions from the Twitter Community. Here is the announcement link

Here’s the first question: from @JohnDanggg12

What are your upcoming milestones on your roadmap ? What are your plans or events to draw the attention from investors and non-crypto gamers so far ? Do you have mobile version or just PC version ?

Speaker: Right now we’re focusing on our public launch which is right around the corner. Meanwhile our strategic developers are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the first few games that are coming to Froyo Games. For now, the Froyo Games interface is web-based and you can connect your wallet through Metamask or using WalletConnect.

Host: 2rd question from @emilyshuzuhara

Does FROYO GAMES require an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they? Do your NFT play any roles or just collectibles ?

Speaker: Not at all. We want to make sure anyone can be a part of the Froyo Games family — from crypto newbies to whales. To do this we’re focussing immensely on Play-to-earn mechanics on our platform to make sure everyone can have fun, play competitively and enjoy the games without having to put a big investment in to start.

Host: 3th question from @WendyWu7570189

What are the usecases of $FROYO in your ecosystem ? Will the token let holders can join to vote, farm or stake ?

Speaker: We just published our Tokenomics this week, or as we call it, Froyonomics. While we will not have a DAO for governance, staking is definitely an option to keep giving value to the platform and its investors. In fact, we have multiple staking options to choose from with different rewards and perks!

Host: 4th question from @nowshin1310:

“Hackers are very active in the market and almost everyday we hear about another hack attack. Can you please give some information about the security system of project? How safe are the funds of investors? Does already have an audit”?

Speaker: First, we want to put it out there that players get to hold their own wallets — so security is a collective effort on Froyo Games. With great power comes great responsibility. The power to own and trade your assets on your own terms also means to not be reckless with signing anything that Metamask throws at you.

As for our platform code, Yes. We will be working with tier one auditors such as Hacken and Beosin to make sure the platform will be secure. We don’t want it to just be another platform. Froyo Games is a safe space for blockchain gamers and game makers and we intend to keep it that way.

Host: We truly appreciate your time and participation today! We have learned so much about Froyo Games. Can you please share your social media channels so that the community may follow?


Website —
Twitter —
Medium —
Discord —
Telegram Announcement —
Telegram Channel —

Host: Thank you so much for sharing.

Before we proceed to our Quiz Segment, let us bid goodbye first to our guest.

In segment 3, GameFi members will seize chances to share prizepool as fastest ones answering our quiz.


Host: Let’s now start our Quiz Segment 😊 Are you all ready?

1/ Which blockchains will FROYO GAMES support ?

2/ FROYO GAME is A GAME __ ?

3/ What target is FROYO GAMES focusing now ?

4/ FROYO GAMES wants to work with:
A. Casual Games, Esports and Blockchain.
B. Casual Games, Shooting and Blockchain.
C. Battle Games and Blockchain.

5/ When will be the date for FROYO STRATEGIC POOL in GAMEFI ?
A. 9:30am UTC 19 JAN
B. 9:30am UTC 18 JAN
C. 8:30am UTC 18 JAN

Host: Alright thank you everyone for overwhelming support. That is the end of today AMA. Thank you and see you guys in the next AMA.

Froyo Games's Official Channels:

Telegram Announcement
Telegram Channel

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