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On 21st MAY 2022, we’re so glad to organize an AMA with X-metaverse -  a huge decentralized financial and gaming ecosystem where developers, players, and collectors can be rewarded for their participation and enjoyment.

🚀 X-Metaverse has been listed on Game Hub. To know more about the project, its roadmap as well as its team, just take a glimpse at the link below:

The AMA session was held on Youtube Channel with the participation:

Kane Lao: CEO of X-metaverse

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Telegram Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $300.


HOST: First of all, could you introduce a little bit about yourself and your amazing project X-metaverse?

KANE: Hello, I am Kane Lao, CEO and Co-Founder of X-Metaverse.I have been working in the game industry for over 15 years and launched many successful games during my tenure. X-metaverse is a 3D blockchain game that can be played on Pc browsers, Android, and IOS phones. X-Metaverse was formed to revolutionize the play-to-earn model, meaning playing the game, upgrading, and cultivating many species of pilots will be rewarded so the time spent in them will not be wasted as against the traditional game.

HOST: Can you list 3 killer features that make this project stand out from other competitors in the market?

KANE: The first is our game itself. It is mainly in the integration of the project with Defi and in the creation of additional game scenarios. The existing economic model is not sufficient to support the project in the long term, giving it a lack of momentum. The exposure of this problem is a challenge for GameFi and the X-Metaverse at this stage will change some of the operational mechanisms and create more content to better adapt to the market and meet the needs of the users, but also an opportunity. Expanding more guild resources on top of the existing guild cooperation. Secondly, I would like to give it to the community which makes us strong. We have a strong community base of over 100K and we are working hard to grow more and set our footprints in various communities around the world. We have currently 16 community groups excluding the main group. Our alpha test was proof of that which has witnessed 2100+ users in two weeks and Our star skeleton box sold out in BinanceNFT in less than 2 seconds, which is indeed a success of mass adoption by the people. The players were very much impressed by the game graphics and the gameplay.

The third is the entry barrier. this can be both to the cost and device barriers. With compatibility to play on any device such as Android, IOS, and PC, we have eliminated the restriction of the device barrier. You can see that many games that are running now are limited to a certain device.

The entry barrier by cost factor is also limited using many pre-sale and also providing our own marketplace where you can trade without any fees and also providing gameplay for the users who can't afford the full set of NFT required to play the game such as Space Jump and MinersTown

HOST: Can you share with us a little bit further about your roadmap and upcoming plans for the game after IGO?

KANE: Our X-Metaverse was started in March 2021 and since then we have worked hard to keep the project on its roadmap. We have accomplished almost everything till now as per our roadmap. We launched our game on May 10th and our IDO is on May 25th. I would like to highlight some of the major upcoming events as per the road map for this quarter of 2022. We will be soon coming up with scholarships, new gameplay such as Space Jump, Star Alliance, Alliance War introduction of our DAO, and also the staking of token and NFT. For a detailed roadmap, you can visit our whitepaper in our gitbook. We regularly update it. I request every one to take part in the IDO on our three major platforms and be a part of this revolution. The whitelist activity is being held by the platforms. Join them and let’s go to the moon.


Question 1: Partnership is one of the most important elements to affirm the trust and reliability of any project to the community. Can you share about your commercial partnership? How will they influence X-Metaverse development?

KANE: This is a continual process. We actively have talks with many projects to have them on-Board with our partners. We are actively exploring the global market, we have already established contact with a number of guilds. I could give you the best example of our recent partnership with gamefi, polka foundry, and our old partner NFT where we are going to launch our token and probably release our new NFT with some. As a game project, we have partnerships with many guilds and also talking with some major guilds which will attract more gamers to play the game. We are setting our footprint in all parts of the global market. There are also our media partners and various influencers who promote our project to reach many peoples. We have a detailed list of our partners and our media partners on our website.

Question 2: One of the limitations of some P2E (play to earn) games is that they require a high initial investment to start playing, many of which are very expensive. Can we start playing #X-Metaverse with a small investment? Will there be any discounts or benefits for early adopters?

KANE: As I told you before, we have taken care of the entry barrier by cost factor using many pre-sales and also providing our own marketplace where you can trade without any fees. This is indeed a good time for those who want to get part of the X-Metaverse. Due to the market environment, the value price of the X-Metaverse's in-game NFTs is not very high at the moment. the X-Metaverse is currently very friendly to enter, and users can enjoy all the X-Metaverse game NFTs for only $100-150 for 3 battleships NFTs and 1 pilot NFT, and players can play through PVE, PVP, Space Jump, miner town for other NFTs/Tokens rewards. We have always considered our early supporters who stood by us since the beginning and we have a certain community badge NFT for them which gives you a chance to earn some XMETA tokens. Join our community and we will be happy to help you with this

Question 3: ItadoriYuujikai Apart from the features of battling PvP (player versus player.) and PvE (Player Versus Environment), are there any other ways to upgrade levels and get rewards, and how players can generate passive income from this model?

KANE: This is where we stand apart from the other P2E games. We have considered the investors who don’t have time to play the game. We are bringing in the rental models to lease the NFT safe and secure, Scholarship models so the others who cant invest can play for you, and the important NFT and token staking feature. In these ways, you can earn passively without spending time. There are two types of upgrades and both can be done by buying the in-game items from our marketplace without any trading fees. Using them one can easily upgrade their ships.

Question 4: Could you explain more about your own NFT marketplace? Can I sell or exchange my NFTs in that marketplace? Are there any certain requirements for users who want to buy and sell their NFTs in that marketplace?

KANE: We have launched our own marketplace where you can trade not only NFTs but also the in-Game items for free but of course, you need to pay the network fees as it’s not in our hands. There are no requirements to use our marketplace and it's open for all. As I said before, you can purchase our in-game items such as the BlackBox, UruMetal, and open energy cores only in our marketplace which one can use to upgrade their battleships. Currently, BNB is used as the primary token and it will be changed to our XMETA as a major use case of the token.

Question 5: What advantages for long-term players & investors and how do you keep leading the way? Is it risky when the whole current market is down?

KANE: Well the current market is not in a favorable condition, but we have a system of designs, and decisions were made and taken accordingly to provide the best possible output for the long-term sustainability of the project. As you can see most of the release schedule of the token is up to 3 years so there is always a demand and supply for the token, NFTs are kept at a fixed cap and dynamically balanced with our token to keep the price stable. There will also be measures taken from time to time according to the market conditions to prevent the tumbling.


Question 1: Currently many projects are moving towards the adoption of NFTs, However, X-metaverse has many types of NFT. What is the advantage of having different NFTs?

KANE: We all know that the NFT is a non-homogeneous token so with artworks and phenomenon level chain game and reaching the NFT ecology. NFT becomes an important item on the blockchain. After careful consideration, the X team decided to launch three types of NFTs: the pilot, the space battleship, and the planet. The core NFT of our product is the pilot and the space battleship. The pilot NFT has a relatively small impact in battle and its role will be played out on the planet in the features. So you need a minimum of a space battleship NFT and also one pilot NFT to pay our PVP and the PVE. We have a racing game for the game. The racing game I mentioned before was the Space Jump which required only one pilot and one space battleship. You can also stack your pilot NFT in the mining time gameplay so you can earn your own token. Both the NFT can be upgraded and also the pilots are ranked according to the level the higher, the level the lesser the time for mining. Come and join the game.

Question 2: The listing and the claiming time?

KANE: It's on the 15/ June/2022

Question 3: What is your anti-inflation mechanism? there are many metabolism projects with high eggs at the beginning, but they are not sustainable now so how you can maintain a stable token price that can attract users to join your game

KANE: The reason behind the unsustainable price of many tokens in the P2E market is the less use case of the token. The primary advantage of our token is the single token system which means the minting of the in-game token dropped considerably after the initial hype is present. And also our X-META token is a deviation token with many use cases and a burning system. We have carefully structured the vesting and clear process to prevent the demanding supply issue and also the X token is burned at a weight of 4.75 percent for the transaction used in the marketplace. The token consumed by the breeding system of our space leadership, the token required to run our NFT, and many other cases which will be introduced in the future

Question 4: When is the IGO?

KANE: 25/5/2022

Question 5: It seems that the cryptocurrency is falling into a downtrend period in a short time. What is the standard to know if the project can develop successfully, especially when the market goes into the winter season and the number of new investors decreases?

The crypto world is on the rise. Despite the downwards uh macroeconomy pressure we are facing. The Gamefi, and the NFT are all continuing to go in the micro economy. We need to maintain our competitiveness in the games and also the economic models as well as the game partnership etc.

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