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Greetings Community!

On 27th April 2022, we organized a Livestream AMA with Titan Hunters - a unique and revolutionary game with the combination of NFT technology (earning nature) and the greatest MMORPG game genre (fun nature).

The AMA session was held on Youtube Channel with the participation of CEO -  VU DUY TIEP & Game Designer Lead - NGUYEN PHI LONG. The team provided information about the project’s features, some special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $200.

Below is section 1: Guests and Project introduction

Host: Welcome to the show, A lot of things to talk about but first let's kick off by your identity.

Can you introduce yourself? What is your experience in the blockchain & game industry?

Tiep Vu: About myself, I used to be the Co-founder of Gamebank (A payment gateway for gamers in Viet Nam), Co-Founder of Horus VR Glass, and Horus Entertainment ( VR glasses manufacturers and mobile game developer). I also was Chief of Business Development of Topebox studio. Topebox is one of the best mobile game studios in Vietnam with more than 100M downloads so far.

Regarding crypto, I invested in a mining machine bitcoin when the price of bitcoin was around 500 USD. So crypto in fact is not strange for me and I myself strongly believe in the value of cryptocurrency and the future of crypto and gamefi as well. So these are some basic information about myself. Thank you.

Long Nguyen: Hi everyone, my name is Long, currently I'm working as Lead Game Designer of Titan Hunters. I have been working for 5 years in the traditional game industry, also been companioned with Titan Hunters from the very first days. with My knowledge about blockchain and gaming, I am glad to join this AMA to answer questions about titan hunters today.

Host: Let's move on, what is TITAN HUNTERS? What will it serve in the crypto field, specifically in blockchain gaming?

Tiep Vu: Titan Huters is a mobile game that you can play alone in adventure mode or play with other players or your friends in coop mode to kill monsters and monster bosses which we call TITAN to get rewards like in-game resources and earn TITA tokens. As our game was launched on both IOS and android already so you guys go to the store to download and play for free. It is best for you to know deeply about TITAN hunters to know how to earn from it other than sitting here and hearing my boring voice talk about it, right?. So take your phone, go to the store, search TITAN hunters and enjoy the game. Do it, pls.

Host: After launching the official version what are your upcoming plans for this year?

Long Nguyen: Let's talk about next season, which will be released in the next few months. Firstly, we are focusing on improving Investor Rank rewards, extremely attractive imo. That feature will give our players motivation to compete with each other, and also a place to show off their strength in Titan Hunters. Next up, the marketplace and new world are our 2 next concerns, with the diversity of content that our game will be able to make a long journey in a healthy way. And last but not least, I know every one of you has been waiting so long, the Co-op mode is being worked on and we can't wait to show you what we are doing. Kindly wait and I can assure you that our new content will give you unique experiences.

In segment 2, the team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

@UsteloFJamie: As an investor, why would we rather choose to invest with Titan_Hunters? What are the special strengths that you have? What are the important achievements that have been achieved so far?

Tiep Vu: I think the best way to invest your money in the gamefi project is to study the quality of the game and the project team's capacity. Titan Hunters is a joint venture between Rikkei and Topebox. We are experts and have long experience in game development, technology, and blockchain. We strongly believe that TH is the best NFT game in the gamefi market now in terms of fun gameplay, and healthy tokenomics design. So far we get more than 80k users now and many users said that they are getting ROI breakeven already even though our game is released on mainnet less than one month in the meanwhile our price chart of TITA token is still positive. I think that they are a good signal for the project and we are on the right track.

One more thing, TH is free to play the game, so you do not need to pay any money in advance to play the game. So you can play the game for free and know my game inside out before deciding to invest in the game. There are not so many NFT games that have such model to make your investment safe like us, right?

@WillSmithJr99:  Could you please mention some advantages of holding your in-game and governance token in the long term? How reliable and secure is your smart contract? Have you tested it through any of the parties?

Tiep Vu: Infact, currently, TITAN hunters have only 1 token, it is TITA token. We believe that 1 token system is better for users than 2 tokens system like most of the other NFT games on the market. Our TITA tokens have a limited supply and we design game economy and tokenomic very carefully to prevent token inflation. We have a long-term plan and big ambition for Titan hunters so I think that in the long term the price of TITA token will be positive and bring back profit for investors.

Regarding the reliability and security of a smart contract, we had an audit by Hacken already. However, we still work with other crypto auditing companies and blockchain security experts to make sure our smart contract is always reliable and secure.

@devinbrooke123: The most attractive feature of an NFT Game is the Play-to-Earn mechanism which provides players the chance to play and earn valuable tokens. What are the different ways to earn income that TitanHunters offers to its users?

Long Nguyen: As you can see, at this moment, the main feature to earn is to proceed with the adventure and defeat enemies. Every monster and boss has their own $TITA amount to reward players.

In addition, there are 2 more ways to earn in TH. Investor rank - as I mentioned - is very attractive in the future. Also, we are working on the Statue (for ones who don't know it's the first NFT sale item) which can be used to mint $TITA directly.

Host: One question about the NFT item, as far as I know, Boss Legendary is so rare in the game, is'n it? Can you share how to obtain this Boss Legedary? through any missions or randomly dropped?

Long Nguyen: In the next build, we'll add 1 more indicator in your Inventory, that will show the bonus Legendary Boss Rate of your account. But basically, the Legendary boss rate is strictly based on the number and the rarity of NFTs you own.

However, the Leg boss rate applies for the whole server, not just for a single user, for example, if your drop rate is 10%, someday you won't see that many Legendary bosses, but someday you can be very lucky and catch 3-4 bosses in a row. don't worry too much about the rating, because we're trying to bring you the fairest earning system that we can.

@rosielo26945752: Does your project support a staking program? if yes. How is your stake system working, what is the requirement for users if they want to stake in your platform? Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Tiep Vu: We have carried out some staking campaigns already. Staking TITIA to get APY up to 50% then staking TITA and LP to receive guns for free. They ended already. And now we are running the LP Staking program with dynamic APY. Now as I can see on the website, we have an APY of more than 300%. This campaign will close at the end of next month.

Regarding the token burning plan, as said before, now we just have 1 token system and we design our game economic and tokenomic very carefully to prevent token inflation. Currently, we see that we do not need to burn any TITA tokens as the price chart looks quite good. However in the future case by case when we see if it is necessary we will burn the token to keep or increase its value. And of course, Before such action, we will make an announcement to let everybody know clearly.

@lingmustafi: Most of the existing games that use this concept are too expensive for newbies. If I have to invest to start, how long for my ROI? Will you build your own marketplace or gaming guild for players?

Long Nguyen: First of all, it costs you nothing at all to play TH, but to invest and earn, I think 400 $TITA (34$ based on current price), I think it's a fair investment to start earning right? About our ROI, we know that many of you guys are concerned about that, but 15-45 days should be a reasonable time to estimate. But most importantly, your earnings are still based on your luck and your skills too.

The marketplace is being worked on right now, but to release a healthy trading system for NFTs, we must consider and make a lot of improvements, just to make sure everything works correctly. We are also working with a lot of original blockchain GG now, such as YGG or MMG, but also we want players can create their own guild in the future, ingame, and compete with each other too.​​

In segment 3, Titan Hunters TEAM answered live questions from the community.

Host: Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support. The stage is now yours bros 👏

1/ Tell me, I have two NFT statues, when will they start working in the game? And it will be possible to transfer one of the statues to a friend?

Long Nguyen: Currently we haven't worked on the NFT transfer. You should wait for our marketplace and it will have done in the next couple of months

2/@LoiNguyen6 Do You plan to organize tournaments or race for the top rank to increase competitiveness and attract long-term players?

Tiep Vu: This is the reason why we create the invest rank, you know. If you know about DOTA 3 which is very famous and has a big prize. We also want to achieve the digit model prizes, we want to give big rewards for top users and in the long term, users will concentrate more on competing to get the top players in that rank and not only focus on P2E.

Tiep Vu: In addition, as told before, our game is FREE-TO-PLAY. But if you want to invest to earn much more, a reasonable budget of $30 dollars is a good start. We hope that developing countries like VietNam, Phillipine, Brazil, etc can afford it.

3/@ediwow88 What does the project expect to achieve with this guild partnership?

Tiep Vu: Last week we participated in the event held by YGG and we've got lots of feedback, and discussions with them to go further in cooperation. In the future, we expect to implement more strategies with them

4/ @Imwiiw27 I read about the HUNTER, So, could you kindly explain to me more about what's Hunter Rank as well as how I will enhance my Hunter Rank and what the benefits of having a higher Rank are?

Long Nguyen: Lots of you are concerned about the Hunter Ranks, it works like the leveling system so every time you defeat bosses and monsters you will receive the number of trophies representing your experience and skill. The more you collect, the higher the Hunter rank you get. Very attractive!

5/@TommY_C2 Im a gamer and I feel that suffer when I play a game where there are cheaters, so how do you prevent Cheaters in the game? And is multiple account use allowed in your game?

Long Nguyen: First of all, as long as you register with different emails and wallets, multiple accounts are accepted. About preventing cheaters and hackers, our team has released two campaigns in the last two months and also we have upgraded twice since we released our banned system and cheater prevention system. We improve our system every day.

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