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Jan 13, 202212 min read

AMA Recap: Kingdom Karnage x

Nice to see GameFi's fellas virtually,

On January 10, 2022, we’d like to give an appreciation to all of our audiences who joined us and our special guests Mr.Nick Franklin — CEO from Kingdom Karnage, who delivered very in-depth information about the project’s features, special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

In this recap, you will have a chance to learn more about Kingdom Karnage, which is an Animated Combat NFT Trading Card Game currently playable cross platform from Browser, Google Play & Steam.

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $500 .

Below is section 1: Guests and Project introduction

Host: Good day everyone! Lets get ready to our AMA with the CEO of Kingdom Karnage ! Mr. Nick Franklin will joining us today to introduce their project to the community.

Mr. Nick: Thank you Jane, nice to be here

Host: We’re so excited to know about your background and the team behind this project. Can you share it?

Mr. Nick: Hello everyone, We’re an Official Enjin Early Adopter, working with NFTs on the Enjin Platform for over 2 years, putting in the groundwork for this project long before creating $KKT.

I’m Nick, the creator of Kingdom Karnage. I’m an avid gamer and defi fanatic. I used to work for Kriptomat a European Fiat/Crypto Exchange.

Kandi our lead artist, has a wealth of experience, she previously worked for EA Games, you’ll likely recognise her work in Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Sam our events manager has been in crypto gaming for years, has more experience in NFT gaming than anyone i’ve met and has already been creating cool community programs such as Bounties and Weekend/Seasonal Events.

Zero (Martien) — is a hardcore Kingdom Karnage fan and heads up our TG/Discord, he knows the game as well as I do and instils that knowledge in his team of mods.
We won’t be stopping there though, we are looking to onboard our own resident youtuber, more devs and more artists.

Host: Awesome! The team seems to have a fantastic background in the industry ⭐️ With your teamwork, this project will surely be one of the bests!

Mr. Nick: Can you give us a brief introduction what is Kingdom Karnage?

Host: Kingdom Karnage is an Animated Combat NFT Trading Card Game currently playable cross platform from Browser, Google Play & Steam.

I decided to make Kingdom Karnage because I wanted to make a game that is all about the player first. Fun to play, easy to get started, harder to master. A game which you will want to play for years. A game where you can enjoy earning at the same time.

A lot of crypto games quickly become a chore. You play for a few days and then it becomes very tiresome. Not so with Kingdom Karnage.
Kingdom Karnage is very addictive, the further you get into Kingdom Karnage the more you’ll want to play it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Host: The concept of the game is very promising!

Mr. Nick: Yeah, it’s very different to the other TCG’s in this space. More entertaining.

Host: We can see that. What are the most confident and unique features you want to showcase us?

Mr. Nick: We’re already live with Kingdom Karnage in open beta. You can play right now on Steam, Browser, or Google Play, we will of course get iOS as early this year.

We’ve had our NFTs running on Enjins Jumpnet for over 7 months already. You could be earning right now by playing Kingdom Karnage.
Enjin has its own marketplace, we’ve held a top 3 position on player 2 player NFT trading volume for the past 7 months and we’re just warming up. Kingdom Karnage has a well designed economy to ensure all characters/equipment and utility NFTs have a demand. This is the bonus of NFTs in games over other projects, true utility driving that demand.

You’ll find more utility for $KKT than most projects could even dream of nevermind implement. The whole of Kingdom Karnage is designed with a players ability to earn at the forefront. Whether earning directly from the game or from other players.

A great example is our game vault.

The game vault is essentially an in-game bank where players can deposit and store $KKT.

Whilst you have $KKT stored you get access to a limited edition character, which also levels and increases in power the longer you hold $KKT in the vault. Additionally, you’ll also get access to limited edition characters/equipment which won’t be available elsewhere, other than from player to player.

On top of all those perks, players who hold $KKT in the game vault will also get access to our voting pool. Voting on topics such as what will be the next character race to be added, dwarves? trolls? goblins?

Those who vote will get a share of $KKT from our voting pool. The voting pool is topped up by a small fee on every $KKT transaction in Kingdom Karnage, whether the Auction House, Rentals, King of Karnage, Bounties, etc etc.

We don’t stop there though, we know gamers have been running boosting services in MMOs for years, so we are embracing that, making it a direct option, right there in-game. When multiplayer dungeons come in, you’ll be able to set an optional fee, you charge other players, to help them through the harder content.

The Catacombs is the best dungeon which provides the best loot in the game and requires a key to access. There are only 1000 in existence and we already have a rental system in place for them and will soon have the reverse, a bounty system where key owners will be able to pay other players $KKT to complete the dungeon for them. The person taking the bounty gets the $KKT and the key owner gets the NFT which drops in the game. A great method of player to player earning.

We sold Catacombs Keys at just $20 each the cheapest available right now is $280:

We are not just providing Play2earn methods in game but also player to player earning which really makes the economy stronger than in other projects.

If you’ve not read about our King of Karnage mode yet, i suggest you do:

Imagine being the king and 100–5000 people a day challenging your throne and paying you $KKT to do so. You receive those fees from every single person challenging you. Better yet, the game AI plays for you so that you are automatically defending against many people at any 1 time. A great passive income.

Host: The game features are really good. Looking forward to play the game 🎮

In segment 2, the RedKite team picked 3 questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: For the Twitter Questions, the team have chosen 5 best questions from the announcement. Here is the link

1st question from @AlfonsMolgan: “How many objectives that you completed in your roadmap ? What is the next 3-month plan of Kingdom Karnage ? Can you share your the tokenomics ?”

Mr. Nick: We have lots of objectives completed, this is not a promise of a project to come. We are already live in Beta on steam, browser, android. You can go play right now and start earning NFTs.

We recently completed the migration from Enjin Mainnet (ETH) to Enjin Jumpnet (JENJ). Added a whole new character race — lycans.

When you start following our channels you’ll see we don’t hang around we get things done. We even made time to release 4 new weekend events during the run up to this token launch. The latest being a new collectible — “scrap materials”. Which only drops during that specific weekend event which will come every 4 weeks.

You can read more here.

We’re close to 18,000 in our English Telegram Channel, if i see 20,000 people in KK telegram before this AMA is over ill reveal the use of scrap materials right now, to you, an NFT exclusive.

Host: 2nd question from @WillieJohnsonn: “Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does Kingdom Karnage require an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they?Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play the game?”

Mr. Nick: We have designed Kingdom Karnage to be playable without being involved in the crypto or NFT aspects. Allowing main stream gamers to download on steam, android, or play via browser and get into the campaigns & PvP.
After some time they will quickly learn that others are able to play more fun modes with $KKT and collect/trade NFTs not available to non crypto players. As these crypto noobies talk with YOU the experience crypto users, they will then want to learn and become part of the crypto/nft future.

Kingdom Karnage is truly free from start to finish. No hidden costs that appear later. Whether you have nothing available to spend, or a person with a little cash to invest or a big roller with more spare money than most — there is a way for you to earn and enjoy earning at the same time. Unlike other crypto games it doesn’t cost to get started, spending should be a choice not a requirement.

Kingdom Karnage is all about the gamer first. Fun to play, easy to get started, harder to master. A game you want to play for years, and enjoy earning at the same time, in fact the more you play the more you become addicted, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
A lot of crypto games quickly become a chore. Not so with Kingdom Karnage.

Host: 3rd question from @AikaMinasan: “About your NFTs, what are the utilities of these NFTs within your platform? Also, will you have your own marketplace to trade NFTs? What is “Auction House” in this game ?”

Mr. Nick: We are creating NFT utility not seen in other projects before. Check out our dynamic NFTs, it’s only a matter of time before other projects are copying us.

Dynamic cards are made with a limited supply, the rarity and level of the characters change each month based on the active number of Kingdom Karnage players from the previous month versus the number of cards in circulation.

Essentially, because the number of these cards won’t increase, as the number of players increases, these cards become rarer. So Kingdom Karnage will reflect this true rarity by continually improving the character levels/rarity/stats/abilities.

We sold Mistress of Nightmares at $20 each, they now trade for over $500 each.

In fact the cheapest right now is trading for $1089.

The Pioneer is our Founders Token, a tradable NFT, an epic character in game and unlocks monthly quests where you earn bonus card packs from your normal game play, like a mini battle pass.

The Pioneer is limited in supply and fully circulating — you can now only acquire them from other players.

You can see the monthly quests here:

Last month required you hodl the Pioneer and to have played x PvP matches to get the extra packs. At the end of this month you simply need to Hodl the Pioneer and some $KKT to qualify. All of the characters and equipment in the game are NFTs, many are upgradeable requiring you to collect duplicates to upgrade them.

The Auction House is a marketplace with more options. You’ll be able to list items for sale with a set price, or set items for sale as actual auctions, set the initial starting price and the length of time for the auction to run. The Auction House will also home to the rental system where you will be able to lease out cool NFTs for that precious $KKT.

Host: 4th question from @FernandoCradler: “Marketing and partnership are really important to any projects because it better to reinforce the reputation of that project. Can you list several well-known partners ? What will you implement to keep truly investor as well as gamers ?”

Mr. Nick: We are backed by Animoca Brands, Enjin, Enjinstarter, Kriptomat Exchange, DFG and a list of partners who are helping us build non English Speaking communities. We are adding lots of means for investors to profit. From NFT rentals to being able to pay other players to run dungeons for you. To a scholarship program where you can put together a great collection which you make available to an apprentice and receive half of what they earn whilst using it.

Host: 5th question from @SIMBAJONMARKAN1: “In terms of security, how secure and safe your project is? Do you have a smart contract or conducted a third party audit?”

Mr. Nick: Security is something we take very seriously, we are in talks with Certik and Solid to have our smart contracts audited by the best and to have anti-bot measures in place at listing. We’re not just launching a utility token but also a bridge between Binance Smart Chain and Enjin’s Jumpnet, everything will be audited.

Host: Thank you for answering the Twitter Questions, Sir

Mr. Nick: They were some good questions, happy to answer them.

In segment 3, the Kingdom Karnage team selected questions from the Live Telegram in this AMA session.

Host: For the Live Telegram Questions, chat box will be unmuted for a few seconds so that the community can drop their questions. Brace yourself, Sir😎

1/ What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

Mr. Nick: All 3, none of those can be ignored whilst preparing a token launch.

As i mentioned earlier we’ve even released new weekend events during the run up to this token launch.

We will continue to work on all 3 aspects over the coming months. With different team members focused on each element, and expand our team as necessary to ensure each area is handled properly.

2/ Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?

Mr. Nick: I’ve always listened to the community, don’t get me wrong, if ideas are completely wild don’t expect us to implement them, however when the community make good suggestions, we listen and adopt them.

We will also have a voting pool for decisions such as which character race should be added next. You’ll get your say and earn $KKT.

You have to deposit $KKT into the game vault to vote though, otherwise youll have to pay $KKT to vote.

3/ How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea,.. so they can better understand your project?

Mr. Nick: We’ve secured partners who are already actively building awareness and non-english community channels.

We will continue to grow this, even to the extent of ensuring we have Kingdom Karnage videos in multiple languages all over youtube.

4/ Kingdom karnage is a unique virtual trading card game which I find quite interesting. How can I get in early on this project? When is the IGO going to take place and on which platforms can we access it?

Mr. Nick: You can play right now. Soon as this ama is over go check it out.

Playable On:

IGO’s are
Enjinstarter — 11th January 2022
Red Kite — 12th January 2022
GameFi — 13th January 2022

We will list on BSC, pancakeswap, and later deploy on enjin’s jumpnet so you can trade with 0 gas fees.

5/What is PROJECT’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

Mr. Nick: We are not focused on sales like traditional games, yes part of our revenue is from that, but a large majority comes from the player to player interactions, every time you trade via the auction house, or enjin marketplace. Or someone challenges a king in king of karnage. Or enters a tournament.
A small % of the fees/trades are collected by the game, another small % is collected for the voting pool for you to earn via voting.

Essentially, Kingdom Karnage earns when you the players/investors earn.

We will work hard to make those rentals, NFT trades, tournaments work for you, because our income depends on it too.

Host: That’s 5 questions from the Live Telegram! n you share useful links before saying goodbye.

We truly appreciate as well your time and participation and to the knowledge you have imparted to us 😊

Mr. Nick: Here you are.


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