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Dec 13, 202110 min read

AMA Recap: MetaGods x

Greetings Community!

We’d like to say massive thanks to all of you who joined the AMA with MetaGods, the world’s first Play-To-Earn Action RPG built on the blockchain, on 11 December 2021. The AMA session was held in GameFi’s Telegram Channel with the participation of Project Manager of MetaGods, Mr. Jack N. This is a recap of the entire session, in case you missed it!

The team provided information about the project’s features, special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

- Segment 1: Introduction

- Segment 2: Twitter Questions

- Segment 3: Live Community Questions

5 Whitelist Slots will be given away as rewards for the best questions! 🙌

Below is section 1: Introduction

Host: Hello guys! Let’s get ourselves ready for our AMA session today 🤩

Let’s welcome the Project Manager of MetaGods, Mr. Jack N.👏 👏

Mr.Jack: Hi everyone! Hope you all are having an amazing weekend. Glad to be here.

Host: Welcome to GameFi, Sir! We are very excited for today! Are you ready?

Mr.Jack: Yes, I’m ready to answer anything ;)

Host: To start this AMA, please introduce yourself as well as your core team to the community? Tell us how did you start your journey with MetaGods?

Mr.Jack: Sure! My name is Jack, and I’m the project manager of MetaGods. At the start of its inception, we all got together and discussed which type of game we enjoyed playing the most, and which we wanted build. We are all gamers and game developers, who work for pretty big studios. I myself used to be over at Activision, while my teammates used to work over at Animoca. We spent the last 4 years building games for playstation and nintendo switch. We finally made the leap of faith into blockchain and decided to build something for the world.

We decided to use our first names as well as our favorite greek gods as our character names. After all, it is important to keep things canon when you are in the metaverse. I chose Sisyphus, because he was destined to push a heavy boulder up a mountain. When the rock would reach the top, it would roll back down… only to be pushed back up again. This repetition of daily work is something that I’m reminded of every day. MetaGods is the rock, and it’s my job to push it up the mountain. If it reaches the top, I will have to simply start over and push it again. This daily toil and sacrifice is needed if you really want a project to work out. So, that’s how I got my name.

Our team is working overtime these days in the studios, and we hope we can get something for everyone soon. There may even be some special holiday surprises coming up since Christmas is so close ;)

Host: You have a fantastic background as well as your team! Concept of the project is superb! Tell us what MetaGods is all about? What are its distinct features from other projects? How can you apply the play-to-earn scheme?

Mr.Jack: MetaGods is all about fun with your friends. We want to become the gods of the metaverse, together. It is also a very strong opportunity to earn while you play. Allow me to explain:

We have generative NFTs in the game. We’ve recently launched our NFT Character Sale, where you can mint your own god with different rarities ( We want to give the community early access to their own characters. Before they enter the game, they will have a chance to customize their character features, before receiving their character stats. Stats meaning the character’s Health Points (HP), Mana Points (MP), Attack and Defense. These season 1 characters will be the strongest of all time, meaning that the seasons that come after this one… well, they won’t be as strong. The NFTs sold now are for OG’s. They’re for our strongest supporters as we take this project on the road to 2 billion users.

We also have different game modes for you to earn. Casual mode is autoplay, and you stake your NFT character to earn XP (experience points) and the in-game token… RELIC. I’ll go over this more later. Hardcore mode is the mode with NFT permadeath. We created a mechanic that will require people to risk it all. Their character upgrades, their weapons, their armor… all at stake… for the rarest rewards and highest APY.

Social GameFi is also our initiative. We want people to play together. So to incentivize these, you can earn more with the more people that play together. There’s a chat function as well, where you can chat with the lobby and your party. When you play together, you earn MORE.. and you earn FASTER.

The items and loot that you acquire in these dungeons will allow you to participate in the in-game economy. You can trade with other merchants or list them on the marketplace. Lots of things being built, and lots of events coming up!

Host: What is your biggest achievement so far? What are your upcoming activities? Can you share us your roadmap?

Mr.Jack: Biggest achievement so far has been the MASSIVE support we’ve gotten from the community. So far, over SIXTEEN THOUSAND character NFTs have been generated. This speaks volumes to us and the game engineers are so inspired that they are actually in the game studio now… prototyping the game. We will be ending the NFT sale soon, and we have a launch coming up next week.

Regarding roadmap, we are integrating the leaderboard into the game. We know that NFTs are very popular, and it is important for us to put the top players and their NFTs for display. If you are the top player, your name and your character will be on the leaderboard for the world to see. We’ve also secured some of the strongest investors in the space.

We have Hashed, who is one of the largest funds in Asia. They previously incubated and invested in projects such as Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Mythical Games, and Decentraland. The long term support they provide is immense. MrBeast and his team also invested. He has over 80 million subscribers on youtube, and is a gamer himself. We also have Boxmining and Elliotrades, as well as Anthony Pompliano. With all of these S-Tier investors and influencers, we have a strong stamp of approval. We are very blessed and proud to have them on board. We also have some AMAZING advisors on the team… which we will be announcing in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Host: Looking forward for this activities! Thank you for introducing yourself and your project to the community, Sir. Let’s now proceed to the 2nd segment, the Twitter Questions.

In segment 2, the GameFi team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: A while ago the team have chosen 2 questions from the Twitter Announcement. Here is the announcement link:

Here’s the 1st question from @EhabWafa5:

“#MetaGods has stated that it is a first “”ACTION RPG”” game on blockchain. What is the difference between regular RPG and Action RPG? How Metagods sees it as an added advantage for itself as comparison to other blockchain games?”

Mr.Jack: Excellent question. The biggest difference between an ACTION RPG and a regular RPG is the timing. In regular RPG’s, you usually have turn-based activities. For example, player 1 flips a card and attacks. Player 2 then flips his/her card, and retaliates. It’s a bit too slow for us, so we decided to create a game in real-time. With a real-time action RPG, you are IN THE ACTION. This means that everything is happening right now. This moment, you must react. The onslaught of bullets fired upon you must be evaded NOW. Your reaction time, your full control of the character.. all those real skills must be put to use if you want to survive.

This is an advantage for us because there are not too many Action RPG’s built on the blockchain. We chose 8-bit not only for the retro style, but because we know that we can make something quickly and deploy it fast.

Host: Here’s the 2nd question from @qnaugminh:

“Can you tell us about your $MGOD and $RELIC token, what is the main function of $MGOD and $RELIC token? Which blockchain network are you integrating with? Do you have token burning and staking programs? Do you have tokenomics, if so, can you share it with us?”

Mr.Jack: Sure! So here’s the information about the token economy. Hope this can explain it for you in detail:

Let’s begin with the main token, $MGOD. This token is the core game token, which is designed to be deflationary in nature. It has many use cases, but the most important one is how it will give gamers an edge in the game. It is used to purchase unique and limited edition adventure packs, which consists of character NFTs and equipment. “What do I mean by equipment?”, you may be asking.

Equipment is vital for your character to survive in the dungeons. It is your armor, your weapon, and items. There are 4 slots in total for these. You will also receive higher-tier character NFTs. This will give your in-game character mythical strength, as well as a higher god-tier. The tiers will aid your final output of character stats. By stats I mean your overall health points, your mana points (also known as magic points), your attack power, and defense. Using the MGOD token to buy these adventure packs will ensure you longer survival. This is because in order to survive the toughest levels and highest APY bosses, you must have the strongest equipment and armors. You will need to deal high damage, and also have something to defend against special boss attacks.

Another use case of our MGOD token will be the entry fees. These fees are used to enter the special dungeons, to get the rarest rewards and best APY rates. We will also have governance available to the community. For example, if we had 2 levels to choose from… Chimera or Medusa… which would you choose? Which level do we release first? We’ve decided to listen to the community. Their vote with the MGOD token will let us know overall game direction. Our supporters will stake the MGOD token to earn the in-game token… also known as $RELIC. Let me describe further now.

The in-game token is $RELIC. This is the BACKBONE of our metaverse economy. RELIC tokens are used to enter regular dungeon levels, as well as purchase and repair weapons and armors. The equipment repair function is important because not only does it give the RELIC token more value, it also ensures that game mechanics stay BALANCED. In game consumable items can also be purchased by RELIC tokens such as potions and other restorative items. When players stake the MGOD token, they will slowly earn XP experience points and the RELIC token. They can then use the RELIC token to fast-track character upgrades as well :)

We are implementing on the Binance Smart Chain, because this is the fastest and most used for community gaming at the moment. We also really like Solana, so eventually we will port over there. Multichain is on the roadmap, but we are focused on BSC first.

Regarding token burning, we do have plans in the works. Please stay tuned for that.

For tokenomics, the main thing I want to point out is the decision we’ve made to lock our team tokens for a VERY long time. We have recently changed our team token locks to a 24 month cliff, followed by a 12 month linear vest. This means that we will not get all our team tokens until THREE YEARS after TGE. If that isn’t showing long-term commitment. I don’t know what is.

We want to grow the in-game economy to the biggest of the metaverse. To do so, we must implement many different mechanics and solve traditional gaming and blockchain gaming problems… all at once. This is taking a lot of time… but if we do it, we will be the longest sustaining game. Good things take time, and we are really focused.

Host: Wow! Thank you so much for answering the Twitter questions, Sir! We are now down to our last segment, the Live Telegram Question.

In segment 3, MetaGods team selected 3 questions from the Live Telegram in this AMA session.

Question 1: Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Mr.Jack: This is the question I was looking for! Please join our communities. We are still growing them, but we have quite a lot from different countries. English is our main one, but our Vietnamese community is next up. That one is growing very quickly. Here’s our links

Here’s a summary of social media links.







📍Telegram Official:

📣Telegram Announcements:

🇻🇳 Vietnamese Community @MetaGodsVN

🇨🇳 Chinese Community:


🇵🇭 Filipino Communtiy:


🇫🇷 French Community:


🇪🇸 Spanish Community:


🇮🇷 Persian Community:


🇧🇷 Brazilian Community


🇩🇪 Deutsch Community


Question 2: Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace your project ?

Mr.Jack: We are not afraid of new tech. We embrace it. We actually are inspired by many games in the traditional world that are really fun. We would not be able to create MetaGods without these games… so I have to give them a lot of respect. Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG), Undertale, Diablo, Path of Exile.. these are just a few. I recently heard about Enter the Gungeon too, so will have to take a look at that. Any competitors or new projects who want to do what we’re doing, we are more than happy to partner up and collaborate :)

Question 3: Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one?

Mr.Jack: This is something we are exploring right now. If you love the game and want to get involved, please join our community! We want our ambassadors to also have their own greek god names, so feel free to research and let us know. We have many amazing mods that can help you out 🙌.

Host: Thank you for answering three questions!

We truly appreciate your time and participation for today, Sir Jack. We will make sure to support your upcoming activities.

Mr.Jack: Great! Thank you for having me. Very grateful for this opportunity to speak with the community. Please join us! Looking forward to speaking with you all again soon.

Host: You may share your social links,Sir


Discord — A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities

Discord is the easiest way to communicate over voice, video, and text. Chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities.

Here’s a summary of social media links.







📍Telegram Official:

📣Telegram Announcements:

🇻🇳 Vietnamese Community @MetaGodsVN

🇨🇳 Chinese Community: @MetaGods_Chinese

🇵🇭 Filipino Communtiy: @MetaGods_Filipino

🇫🇷 French Community: @MetaGods_French

🇪🇸 Spanish Community: @MetaGods_Spanish

🇮🇷 Persian Community: @MetagodsPersian

🇧🇷 Brazilian Community: @Metagods_Brazilian

🇩🇪 Deutsch Community: @Metagods_deutsch

Host: Thank you so much for these, Sir.

Thank you as well to everyone who participated!

Once again, thank you Sir Jack for joining us today. We have acquired more knowledge about the game and is very excited for it!

That’s the end of our AMA! Have a great day everyone!

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