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Dec 18, 202110 min read

AMA Recap: SIDUS x

Greetings Everyone!

On 13 December 2021, we’d like to give a massive thanks to all of you who joined the AMA with SIDUS NFT Heroes, is an AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT, and MMORPG game and is the first project to be built on WebGL technology. The AMA session successfully occurred on GameFi’s Telegram Channel with a special guest from SIDUS, Chief of External Affairs — Mr.Anthony. This is a recap of the entire session, in case you missed it!

The team provided information about the project’s features, special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

- Segment 1: Introduction

- Segment 2: Twitter Questions

- Segment 3: Live Community Questions

$350 will be given away as rewards for the best questions!

Section 1: Introduction

Host: Hey GameFi Community! Are you ready to learn more about Sidus NFT Heroes? We have a special guest here, Mr. Anthony, Chief of External Affairs to discuss more about their project. How are you today, Sir?

Mr.Anthony: Doing good, thanks! Feeling hyped about introducing our project ;)

Host: Welcome to GameFi, Sir! We are excited to gain more knowledge about Sidus today, shall we begin?

Mr.Anthony: Let’s do it!🔥

Host: First of all we’re so curious about the speaker. Can you introduce yourself as well as about the experience and strong suits of the team behind the project?

Mr.Anthony: Sure, hi everyone! My name’s Antony, I’m the Chief of External Affairs. I’m building up a network of project supporters and finding ways for us to collaborate and bring more value to our community and to blockchain gamers in general.

I have over 6 years of experience in strategic management. In 2017, I got into crypto and since then, I have helped over 30 projects to build a development strategy and achieve their goals.

Overall, the SIDUS HEROES team counts more than 200 full-time employees that come from different domains, countries and backgrounds. The SIDUS NFT HEROES team features a large number of highly skilled blockchain developers, with years of experience in building DeFi and NFT products (which will be put to good use once we develop some SIDUS DeFi products). Many members of the SIDUS team come from the game development industry and are skilled in applying cutting-edge technologies and multimedia solutions. We’ve also chosen the path of blockchain WebGL gaming. Engineers from our development team have unique experience in working with this technology.

You can meet our core members on the website, under the section ‘About Us’

Host: You have a great background, Sir 🤩. Here’s the next question: Can you give the community a brief introduction what Sidus is? How can this game apply the play to earn scheme?

Mr.Anthony: SIDUS HEROES is an MMORPG game that offers multiple gaming scenarios, so that each user is able to find something to their liking and it also provides multiple earning opportunities while being accessible from a browser in one click.

SIDUS HEROES is building an advanced economic system and production chain. Yes, the game is based on a ‘play-to-earn’ model, so players are rewarded in SIDUS’ native tokens or NFTs for making advancements through the game and achieving new milestones.

Here’re some examples:

— Players can fight in the Battle Arena, win tournaments and fights and be rewarded in SIDUS’ native tokens. By winning battles, players accumulate points and rise in the ratings. At the end of the fighting season, the Heroes with the highest ratings are rewarded with loot boxes containing exclusive content that their owners can use to upgrade their Heroes or sell in the marketplace.

— Players can mine resources and/or master a profession and receive in-game items (NFTs) or native tokens for it. Landowners can build infrastructure on their land plots and be rewarded with additional mining and manufacturing options (which will eventually bring them even more NFTs and rewards).

— Heroes can get elected to the Council. For example, the Council decides on what technologies to develop during its term. If the technology is mastered successfully and is applied where it’s needed before the end of its term, the Councilors will receive a share of the patent fees.

Host: The concept behind this project is very amazing! We can’t wait to play this game 🤩

Mr. Anthony: You could try it out here :

Host: Wow! After this AMA, I will really try this! Thank you 🥳. This is the last question for this segment: Can you tell us the details about your partnership with GameFi?

Mr.Anthony: First, I want to say that we’re excited about GameFi joining SIDUS HEROES on our way to revolutionizing blockchain gaming. GameFi will be one of 7 platforms on which SIDUS HEROES will, for the first time, present its tokens — the SIDUS and the SENATE. The GameFi platform will host the Initial DEX Offering on December 15th. We invite everyone interested in our project to participate in the event and become early settlers of the SIDUS metaverse.

Host: Your IGO is right around the corner! We will surely support your project! Now let’s do the 2nd segment. The Twitter questions.

In segment 2, the GameFi team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: A while ago the team have chosen 2 questions from the Twitter Announcement. Here is the announcement link:

Here’s the 1st question from @MyHanh1102:

“You claim that SIDUS NFT HEROES is the first-ever blockchain game to incorporate WebGL into its technical architecture. Can you explain about how do these feature work? Can you let us know what type of experience do users get due to the availability of these technologies?”

Mr.Anthony: Yes, SIDUS HEROES is the first blockchain game to use WebGL in its architecture to that extent. We use our gaming graphics engine built on Babylon.js, a JavaScript cross-browser framework that uses WebGL APIs. The SIDUS development team spent years developing it and is now using the capabilities of the framework to the max, coupled with uniquely designed materials and multi-stage cross-software pipelines for creating models.

The engine enables unmatched HD rendering quality within compatible web browsers. So to start playing, users don’t need to download any applications onto their PCs or phones. The game is available through a browser and is restored on entry using the metadata stored on players’ NFTs.

The use of WebGL technology makes the SIDUS game available to a large audience. Users who have been previously priced out of blockchain gaming (along with its many earning opportunities) can now gain access to this world. It also saves players a lot of time and lowers the entry barrier. Users don’t need to wait for the game to download, install updates or bother about storage and device specs.

WebGL also provides the development team with the freedom to create. The only limit is our own imagination. Our developers don’t have to send the game to AppStore or Google Play for approval each time they update something. WebGL games are more flexible and scalable.

Host: Here’s the 2nd question from @ladyseorama:

“Your roadmap is quite comprehensive and detailed! Have you progressed according to your roadmap so far? What development do you think will accelerate your project in the near future?”

Mr.Anthony: Yes, we’ll be sticking to the outlined plan. Work on the project started in the middle of 2021. The key milestones for this period were the launch of the Genesis NFT collection (a.k.a. ‘SIDUS: NFT Heroes’) and the original website, development of the project’s architectural design, recruitment of missing team members to implement an AAA-level game and the launch of the updated website v2.0 with concept details.

We’ve managed to meet all these goals. The collection was published on OpenSea on August 30th. The demand for NFTs during the presale exceeded the available supply and the collection was sold out in 10 minutes.

In the meantime, SIDUS closed all the vacant positions and built a strong team of 200+ full-time employees from different domains. I can assure you, the team that gathered around the SIDUS idea has many successful projects under its belt and will do everything to provide a high-quality immersive experience.

In October, SIDUS launched the demo version of the game and the new website. In the pre-alpha version, users are given the chance to explore the SIDUS Central Station, choose between several Heroes and test them out in the Battle Arena.

The major event coming up soon is the Initial DEX Offering. Then, we take a small break for the holidays and come back with a closed beta version of the game on January 10th. The game will only be available to holders of NFTs from SIDUS’ Genesis NFT collection. But soon enough, on January 23rd, we’re going to launch the public beta version.

I also want to mention that as we progress, we will also listen to the community and how they see the development of the game unfolding. One of the ways for players to influence development is by participating in Council elections or putting forward issues for the Council to discuss.

Host: Here’s the 3rd question from @PiloT9804:

“I Read That “Sidus_Galaxy” Have Two Different Types Of NFTs , That Is “HEROES COLLECTION & ACADEMY COLLECTION” What’s The Different Between This Two Types Of NFts ? And What are The Utility Of This NFTs In “Sidus_Galaxy” Ecosystem?”

Mr.Anthony: It’s not two types of NFTs but rather two different NFT collections. Starting with the public beta version of the game, SIDUS will be available only to holders of NFTs from the SIDUS: NFT Heroes collection (also referred to as the ‘Genesis’ collection) and the Academy NFT collection that is coming out soon.

The initial SIDUS: NFT Heroes collection consists of 6,000 unique Heroes that have different levels of rarity (Original, Rare, Legendary and Exclusive). Besides serving as an entrance ticket to the SIDUS metaverse, NFT Heroes from the Genesis collection can be used for NFT staking and NFT wrapping. The NFTs were sold out quickly and are now only available for purchase on the secondary market, on OpenSea. Please, be careful and be aware of scammers. If you want to purchase an NFT Hero, follow the link on the official website.

The Academy NFT collection was created for the sole purpose of allowing users to enter the SIDUS gaming metaverse. Academy collection NFTs can’t be staked outside of the game or used to access the same benefits that the Heroes from the Genesis collection enjoy outside of the game. We’re planning on launching the Academy collection in the upcoming weeks. So, follow official SIDUS media channels to learn the date of the launch.

While we’re talking about NFTs, I should also add that all in-game items (characters, spaceships, weapons, pets, etc.) are presented as NFTs and belong to the players.

Host: Here is the 4th question from @MsNazmul4:

“Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?”

Mr.Anthony: Yes, we plan to burn a portion of tokens from every commission received. For example, a player purchases an accelerator, sells their plot of land or purchases an NFT on the marketplace and then a small share of tokens is burned with each of these transactions.

Anyone interested in the mechanics, can go to the section ‘Documents’ on our website and open the In-Game Economy document. If you scroll to the section ‘Commission Distribution’, you will see how the system works.

Host: Here is the last question from @blackrose11221:

“Something that caught my attention was your “6,000 Unique Hero NFTs” so could you tell me about the usefulness or benefits that these NFTs have for the players? What are their most important features? How profitable will it be for a player in the long term to buy a NFT?”

Mr.Anthony: SIDUS HEROES started out as an NFT avatar collection, launched in August 2021. The collection features 6,000 unique characters, also known as NFT Heroes. What started as an NFT collection has now evolved into a gaming metaverse.

For the beta version of the game coming out in January 2022, SIDUS will at first only be available to holders of NFTs from either the SIDUS: NFT Heroes collection (also referred to as the Genesis collection) and from the Academy NFT collection, which is coming out soon. So, the main reason to buy and hold an NFT is access to the game itself. NFTs from the Genesis collection have different rarity levels. The NFT rarity level affects the in-game characteristics of a Hero and influences the economic system of the game.

Besides serving as an entrance ticket to the SIDUS metaverse, NFT Heroes from the Genesis collection can be used for NFT staking and NFT wrapping.

The NFTs were sold out quickly and are now only available for purchase on the secondary market, on OpenSea. Please, be careful and be aware of scammers. If you want to purchase an NFT Hero, follow the link on the official website.

I’m not giving any investment advice here, but it is my personal opinion that the value of the NFTs from these collections will continue to grow as the game develops and gains a bigger audience.

Host: Thank you for answering the questions from Twitter, Mr.Anthony. We are now down to our last segment, the Live Telegram Questions.

In segment 3, Sidus team selected 4 questions from the Live Telegram in this AMA session.

Question 1: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?

Mr.Anthony: Of course! You could check our twitter for all published partnerships. Although, we have been carefully conducting them by ensuring we are on the same wave 🔥

Question 2: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Mr.Anthony: I guess that will be how accessible our game is to all the newcomers.

As well as the concept we come with. We are making the game as interactive as possible and as fair as possible. We do not abuse players property. Which means that we are not chasing the funds but bringing the joy to the gaming and crypto industries:)

Of course! We have a wide range of regional managers that are responsible for the promotion in different countries

Question 3: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Mr.Anthony: I’d say the only thing we are focused on right now is launching the game and following our timelines ;)

Question 4: Does your great project support staking program? If yes. how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform?

Mr.Anthony: Of course! We have also made a project in the past called SpaceSwap that support the Shadow Staking system — a scanner that helps you avoid the pool rugs.

As for the details, we’ll announce everything later on ;)

Host: Yey! Thank you for answering the queries, Sir. We truly learned a lot about Sidus today. We appreciate your time and participation for today, Sir. 🤩

Mr.Anthony: Thanks a lot guys! Join our IDO coming in only 2 days!!! 🔥🔥🔥

It was my pleasure guys, hopefully I will see you again!

Host: We’ll surely set our alarm clocks for this 💪. See you soon, Sir.

Thank you also to everyone who participated in today’s AMA.

That’s the end of our AMA session with Sidus. Have a great day everyone!

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