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Jan 25, 20227 min read

AMA Recap: SpellFire x GameFi

Hello all beloved fellas,

On January 14th, 2022, we organized an AMA with SPELLFIRE — is a collectible card game about the past, the present, and the future. It brings 30 years of history to the blockchain, together with a unique revenue generation system.

The AMA session was held in GameFi’s Telegram Channel with the participation of Head of Strategy — Mr. NORBERTAS DRAZDAUSKAS. The representative shared information about the project’s features, some special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Quiz

Winners shared a pool prize of $400 .

Below is section 1: Guests and Project introduction

Host: How are you today, GameFi Community? I hope you are all doing well 🎉
Are you excited to have an AMA with the Head of Strategy of SpellFire? Well, I am! Please help me welcome, Mr. @NorbertasD 👏👏👏

Speaker: Hello everyone 👋 Thank you for the introduction!

Host: Alright,let's start ! Here’s the first question: Can you introduce yourself to the community? Your position and how did you come up with the idea of SPELLFIRE?

Speaker: Once again, hello everyone! First of all, thank you for hosting this AMA. I’m happy to be here and I will answer all of your questions.

My name is Norbert, I am the Head of Strategy for the Spellfire project. My main responsibilities in the Spellfire project are community management, content writing and marketing management.

SpellFire has a long history. It was first launched in 1994, by a completely different team. SpellFire’s current CEO, Ugnius Kiguolis, played this game in his youth. Later in life as a businessman he started wondering — what happened to SpellFire?

Turns out, the game was long forgotten by its owners and not supported for almost 20 years. Long story short, Ugnius bought the rights to Spellfire and gave it a second life it so very much deserves. Spellfire Re-Master the Magic picks up where the original left off by incorporating contemporary design sensibilities into its gameplay, using modern technologies like Blockchain, Augmented Reality, highly-valuable NFT cards, and Play-to-Earn features. The introduction of these elements means that our players will have a highly immersive experience while being able to own a part of the game they love and profit from its success!

Host: Spellfire indeed has a long history! Good thing the current CEO have given the project a chance.

Can you give us a brief introduction about what is SPELLFIRE ? How about the gameplay?

Speaker: Spellfire: Re-Master the Magic is the next level of collectable card games. It connects the physical, digital, and augmented realities together. Firstly, it offers players a very immersive experience of the fantastical Spellfire world. Secondly, it introduces the first revenue-generating NFTs you can actually touch with your hands! Card owners have an epic opportunity to earn up to 10x Return on Investment in passive income, while being able to own the card in the physical form.

Each card possesses a fantastic array of powers, some of which can break or alter the game’s fundamental rules. The goal is simple. Players must build an empire by building realms, all the while trying to destroy the realms that their opponent is using to form their own empire.

By fusing nearly 30 years of Spellfire’s history with new technologies and innovation, we want to captivate a new generation of gamers and introduce them to our magical world of heroes, monsters, and magic!

Host: The concept of the game is very promising 🙏 I’m sure many users are captivated to play and have fun with this game.

Speaker: For sure 🚀

Host: Lastly, Can you share with us your marketing strategies after IGO ?
Speaker: Of course. Currently, our international marketing campaign is picking up speed exponentially — for example, our twitter has grown from 10,000 followers to 33,000 in just the last four days. Our Discord and Telegram channels have also exploded.

We plan to keep this pace up after the IGO, with major news and partnership announcements ready to be released. Moreover, the game is being developed every day and we’re getting closer to the alpha/beta version, where we can showcase the Digital/Augmented Reality Spellfire game, creating even more hype for Spellfire.

We have onboarded hundreds of KOLs, various content creators, advisors and partners to ensure Spellfire is the massive success it deserves to be.

Host: Your marketing strategies are perfect 👌 Your effort and hardworking will be paid off.

Thank you for introducing yourself as well as the project !

Let’s move on to the next segment. The Twitter questions

In segment 2, the team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: Awhile ago, the team have chosen the best questions from Twitter.

1st question from @Ponkazi:We can see lots of worldwide companies jumping on the game market so Gaming and NFT are truly a long-term trend. But among tons of game projects, what are your superior features that make you stand out from other projects?

Speaker: Spellfire is the only Collectable Card Game that is “Cross-Reality” — meaning you can choose the reality you play in at a moments notice. You can play a match with physical Spellfire cards, then connect those cards to the digital game by the use of unique QR codes on each physical card, and play a match on your computer/tablet. Then, you can see your cards come alive in Augmented Reality. All realities use the same cards that are interconnected.

Moreover, this means that Spellfire’s NFTs are the first NFTs you can actually touch with your hands — each player will be able to order their digital NFT card to be shipped to their home in the physical form!

Host: 2nd question from @fiibei22: I have visited your website and saw the original NFT cards. Can you explain more about it? How about the rarity of each NFT cards?

Speaker: Original NFT Cards are rare and very limited, and generate up to 10x return on investment in passive revenue for the owner. They generate this income from the upgrades of Spellfire “Playing Cards” to “Playing NFT Cards”. Every single playing card in Spellfire can be upgraded to a Playing NFT Card using the $SPELLFIRE Token. Original NFT Card owners are credited 90% of this transaction.

Spellfire card rarity types are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Legendary. With each increasing rarity level, the amount of Original NFT Cards a card can have decreases. For example, a Common rarity card has 100 Original NFT Cards assigned to it’s name, but a Legendary card has only one, therefore it can only have one owner.

Spellfire Original NFT Cards are currently available on our OpenSea marketplace: There is very limited time to get the current ones, because we will be launching our own dedicated marketplace in the very near future.

Host: This is really awesome ✨ 3rd question from @bentakul: I could see that SPELLFIRE has various types of Tokens, How are these Tokens contributing to the economic development of the project? Do you have any plan to sustain the token value in this bear run ?

Speaker: The one and only token of Spellfire is $SPELLFIRE. We will also have “Gold”, which is an in-game currency, but not a crypto token. The token has various use cases — Upgrading Cards, Staking, Rewards for Play-2-Earn, Rewards from Tournaments, purchasing entry tickets to tournaments, and many more.

If a bear market comes into effect, crypto gaming projects are one of the safest spaces to be in. The token is a part of the project, not the whole project — the important thing to remember is that we’re making a game, and that’s where most of the project’s utility comes from.

Host: 4th question from @viggyworevo: Will you build your own marketplace or gaming guild for players ? Also, do the game need any entry fees to play the game ? By referring my friends, Can I earn extra income from SpellFire platform ?

Speaker: Yes, we are making our own marketplace right at this very moment, and it should be ready for release in the very near future. There will be no dedicated entry fees to play the game, except getting playing cards to build your deck and start playing Spellfire with.

We will have an onboarding platform where there will be rewards for referring friends, stay tuned to our announcements! The best place to do so is by joining our Discord community —

Host: 5th question from @siammane: We’ve heard of many projects being hacked these days due to their poor security protocols. Trust is the most important in business, have you audited yet by any party ?

Speaker: Spellfire has been audited by Hacken — one of the most trusted audit services. Our CEO is a security expert — he created 2Spyware, a world-wide anti malware project hated by scammers and hackers. We will ensure the safety of the project and our investors to the maximum

Host: Awesome! Thank you so much for giving us in depth information about Spellfire.

Speaker: My pleasure

Host: Can you share your social links @NorbertasD so that the GameFi Community can follow before we proceed to the Live Quiz?

Speaker: For sure!

Host: We’ll surely follow and be updated to your channels 😉 We truly appreciate your time and participation today, @NorbertasD

Speaker: Thank you for hosting! Much love to the whole GameFi community! 🥰

In segment 3, those who are right & fastest answerers would share the prizepool.


Host: To GameFi Community members, we will now proceed to the Live Quiz.

For the Live Quiz, we will unmute the chat. I will drop the question and the first one who got the right answer will be declared as winner.

1/When was SpellFire first released ?

Answer: April 1994

2/How many launchpads will SPELLFIRE do IDO on? Name them?

Answer: 2 launchpads. GameFi and DAOmaker.

Host: You guys are so fast 😎 Are you ready for questions number 3?
3/What is the IGO price of $SPELLFIRE token?

Answer: $0.025

4/ What are the Spellfire card rarities?

Answer: Uncommon, common, rare, super rare, epic, Legendary.

Host: 5/Name 3 utilities of $SPELLFIRE token?

Answer: Upgrading cards — Staking — In game rewards

Host: I am overwhelmed by your participation everyone 👏 Thank you and goodbye mates.

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