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Dec 16, 202112 min read

AMA Recap: x GameFi

Greetings Everyone!

On December 15, an AMA event with WAM.APP, a world’s first Play-to-Earn hyper-casual gaming platform, successfully occurred on GameFi’s Telegram Channel with the participation of WAM’s team, including:

  1. Mr. Daniel Tamas — CEO
  2. Mr. Alex Rus — CBO
  3. Mr.Vlad Mustiata — CTO
  4. Ms.Anca Tamas — CPO
  5. Ms.Olga Serebriakova — CMO
  6. Ms.Larisa Muresan- COO
  7. Ms.Asya Prokopenko — SMM Manager
  8. Ms.Daria Rykhonova — PR Manager

We’d like to give a massive thanks to all of our audiences who joined us, as well as our special guests who shared a very thoughtful knowledge of the project. This is a recap of the entire session, in case you missed it!

The team provided information about the project’s features, special insight into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

- Segment 1: Introduction

- Segment 2: Twitter Questions

- Segment 3: Live Community Questions

$500 will be given away as rewards for the best questions!

Below is section 1: Guests and Project introduction

Host: What’s up GameFi Community! AMA with WAM is on the way! We have a lot of guests today! Can all the guests say hello to the community?

Ms.Daria: Hi!

Ms.Asya: Hello! Glad to be here!🥳

Mr.Daniel: Hello

Mr.Vlad: Hello guys 👋🏼

Host: Let’s start this AMA by introducing our friends from

Team We would love to know about yourselves, please share with us your background and how did you come up with the idea of

Ms.Daria: I will start!! Let me introduce our team:

Daniel Tamas — our great CEO

Daniel started his gaming career in 2007 confounding IDEA Studios, an indie game studio and publisher. Since 2007 he and his team created more than 4000 viral online games that reached more than 3 billion players worldwide. His responsibilities varied from operations to engineering, design, business development, sales and marketing, monetization, product development or heading the R&D department in companies that generated more than €7m in revenue to date from ads and licensing.

In 2016 he co-founded Digitap with the purpose of pushing the boundaries of game publishing targeting the browser as a true free and open platform without gatekeepers.

Alex Rus — our incredible CBO

Alex’s background is social media publishing, business development and portfolio management of privately held companies in the following areas: automotive, hospitality and investment companies with more than €6 million in annual revenues holding the CBO role.

His previous roles included social media partnership building, business development with Romanian influencers and managing a portfolio of social media communities totaling more than 100 million monthly reaches.

In 2016 he co-founded Digitap with Daniel, bringing the social media and business development expertise to the team.

Vlad Mustiata — our great СTO

Vlad wrote his first lines of code at the age of 15, but his passion for computers began even earlier. He started working as a freelancer during high school, then attended the Polytechnic University of Bucharest to deepen his knowledge in computer science.

During this period of time, he discovered a passion for building his own projects and co-founded his first startup called StylishThemes — where he took the CTO role for the first time. Here’s where he learned not only how to be a better software engineer but also how to manage people and scale engineering teams.

In the following 8 years he held the CTO position (and in one case Head of Development) in multiple companies and startups: BMan, Mandarine, and now Digitap — building a wide range of software products (e-commerce solutions, news publishing platforms, live auction platforms, blockchain, chatbots, ML models and many more).

In recent years, Vlad also worked on a range of blockchain / crypto projects (like,, and others) where he accumulated knowledge on how to build and scale software in this emerging field.

With the product he also won the Techsylvania Runner up Award — in 2017.

Anca Tamas — our brilliant CPO

Anca’s 10-year game producing experience coupled with extensive user acquisition knowledge and KPI measurement. Having published more than 30.000 games as head of content for several high traffic gaming websites she is leading our content strategy (tournaments and games). She has been involved in the whole process of game creation (research, ideation, game design, project management) as well as on the marketing side of the business like game publishing, licensing and partnerships.

Olga Serebriakova — the best CMO

Olga, with more than 8 years in digital marketing has been filling the CMO role for TerraLeads where she was responsible for creating, managing and measuring the results of millions of users while coordinating a large team of media buyers, designers and content managers.

Her overseas training and expertise give her the ability to manage a multinational environment and a +$2m monthly advertising budget.

Larisa Muresan — our greaaattt COO

Larisa has gained vast experience by overseeing business operations of multiple gaming companies, over a course of 8 years. She was solely responsible for the operational coordination of several key departments like legal, financial, accounting and hr, with more than 500 employees managed to date from hiring, contracts, salary negotiations and payments.

Asya Prokopenko our great SMM Manager

Asya has broad experience in Digital marketing for over 6 years while working with SEO, SMM, PR, Community management, and Content marketing.

She has a proven record of successful negotiations with new partners, setting up deals and stimulating relationships with the current ones and possesses in depth knowledge and expertise in gaming and dating verticals on US and European markets.

and me Daria Tykhonova — PR Manager

Daria has been working in digital marketing for +2 years, mostly with social networks and PR.

Her background in SERM, Media Buying and Affiliate Marketing helped her get deeply experienced in the esports and gaming niche on Asian market. Daria has brilliant communicative and negotiation skills.

Host: You have a very strong team 💪💪💪. And we can see that all of you unite your strength and knowledge to create this project 🤩. That is very awesome 🤩. Next question, please have a quick introduction to the community about your project and what will it solve?

Mr.Daniel: I’ll take this. WAM is the world’s first play-to-earn hyper-casual crypto gaming platform where users can compete in tournaments to win crypto rewards in $WAM and NFTs is built by an international team of experienced people in game publishing, marketing, community management and business development, and here is our roadmap:

We’re solving the following problems:

1. users today get nothing out of simple games

2. games are filled with ADS 🥺

3. indie developers cannot make money using the blockchain with ease

4. marketers cannot promote a game to make money, without having a contract with a network (lost profits)

5. users cannot own anything

We are creating a multi sided marketplace where:

1. users can own games and make money out of the fees from the tournament revenues

2. developers will be able to publish their games and sell NFTs for profit and recurring revenue

3. marketers will be able to promote tournaments and make money from the users who spend on the platform

4. most important: users will be able to play to earn crypto. no need for complicated mechanics. just enter -> pay tournament fee -> play -> if you’re good, win xxx

Host: Wonderful, sound interesting 🔥🔥.

Where are you now on the roadmap? Can you have a sneak peek about upcoming activities after IGO?

Ms.Daria: I will take this. At first, you can check our roadmap

December 2021: Launchpad Sales & Token Generation Event (TGE)

Mid/Late December 2021:

- Security audits & final testing of the platform

- Migration to the blockchain compatible version where players are able to use and earn WAM Coins

Q1 2022:

- Discovery section where you can find more public & private tournaments, follow other players, meet new people

- Infrastructure upgrades for our backend services

- NFTs marketplace launch

Host: Thank you for your introduction, guys! We will now proceed to the next segment, the Twitter questions.

In segment 2, the GameFi team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: A while ago, the team chose 5 questions from Twitter Announcement. Here is the link:

Here’s the 1st question from @Patriciade81:

“Game, NFT and DeFi is not a short-term but long-term trend due to its application in reality. But among tons of game projects, what are your most special & unique features that make you feel confident about your project?”

Mr.Vlad: I can respond to this one. Our Vision is to create a multi-sided marketplace where all participants take and bring value at the same time using smart-contracts and for this we propose the following models:

- Play-to-Earn

- Develop-to-Earn

- Market-to-Earn

- Own-to-Earn

One very unique feature is what Daniel said above: to allow people OWN a GAME inside our app (

This will be done via NFTs, so anyone who will own the rights for a game, will earn revenue from each tournament that is created on that game… that’s never been done before from our knowledge.

Host: Here’s the 2nd question from @DarlyDona:

“NFT games are trending, especially those with Play for Money mechanics, which is clearly the new trend these days. Your game has some really cool features. Can you explain in more detail about the Play-to-Earn mechanism & how users can generate passive income from this model?”

Ms.Olga: I’ll take this is a platform with many games (and a lot more coming) with a live product, international recognition and a HUGE engagement ( will share the numbers here ). on WAM you do not have to be a hardcore gamer to make money since the games are light and fun. THIS is a very strong point.

Then, the ability to OWN your game or tournament on WAM and to make money from the tournament fees is unique to us and will revolutionize EVERYTHING (please use whisper voice here… did the caps for extra drama)

There is a simple mechanism in the way tournaments are happening on WAM:

1. you pay a fee to enter a tournament. there are no free tournaments

2. depending on the tournament (amateur, semi-pro, pro, legend), the fee is different

3. once you entered and the game opens you can start playing

4. you have 3 revivals you can use (paid)

5. if you reached the 3 revivals, the game resets

The logic is this: none can use money in order to advance. This is where fairness comes from.

Given we have 35 games and more coming, each person will find their own favourite games and be really good at them

Host: Here’s the 3rd question @howadonghohwa9

“Can you explain more about the $WAM utility? What benefits do the long-term holders and game players have? Do you have any plans burning your token to retain the value of it?”

Mr.Asya: I will answer that!👍. Our token has a few different utilities, of which we can mention:

1. In order to join the tournaments on you’ll need to have WAM Coins; You join the tournaments, make a great score (skill based) and win a good position in the leaderboard in order to receive a % of the tournament reward pool; this is the main utility cause any player who wants to join need to have the coins.

2. We’ll have NFT passes for some special tournaments where the reward pool is guaranteed by the platform (so you just join by having the NFT and you can win a % of the tournament reward pool). These NFTs can be earned as a reward for achieving some great results or you can purchase them with WAM Coins from the marketplace (coming soon).

3. We’ll have a third-party developer program where people who own WAM Coins can invest in the games that developers want to build. These games will be then published on and those who invested in the game will get a % from the reward pools of the tournaments created with the game.

4. In order to create private tournaments (which are something already available) to host a special event for your followers if you are an influencer for example — you also need to own WAM Coins. The creator will get a % of his tournament reward pool.

And many more like staking (locking), liquidity mining, etc.

Here you can see it😊

Host: Here is the 4th question from @kriptohaydar0

“Due to the security vulnerabilities and hacking events that we have heard frequently recently, people can no longer trust most projects. WAM has important plans in the gaming world, so how does it secure its own system, should investors be comfortable with this?”

Mr.Daniel: I’ll take this. We’ve been doing security audits on both our systems and contract (cretik) and we’ve recruited security experts into our team to detect vulnerabilities. Besides this, we plan to open up a bug bounty program to help us identify risks like any other consumer facing digital products. We are aware of bad actors who will try to exploit our systems for their gains. our team is looking to be more blockchain reliant on all systems ( in the end a DAO ) and thus making the attacks less likely to succeed

Host: Here is the last question from @dozet547:

“How, or through which big partnerships do you plan on utilizing to pass your product onto the normal -especially non-crypto people? What’s the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision of Your project?”

Mr.Daniel: I’ll take this. To be the Google for fun and the Amazon of tokenized Gaming 😁. We are now on the brink of a huge evolution in what mass crypto adoption means and we believe WAM is the spark required to ignite mass crypto adoption for the following reasons:

1. you don’t have to know tech in order to win $WAM

2. you can use WAM on any device

3. Playing games is, proven by science, the easiest way to learn any topic. in our case: crypto use

We imagine WAM the initial entry point for 1.5B users worldwide to the cryptosphere / metaverse.

Host: Great answers! We really learned more about today. Great answers! We are now down to our last segment! The Live Telegram Questions!

In segment 3, the WAM team selected 5 questions from the Live Telegram in this AMA session.

Question 1: Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Ms.Daria: To begin with, 95% of the crypto projects have no product developed at the time of IDO. We, on the contrary, have been developing, testing, and upgrading for the past year. You can check the product yourself right now on your mobile or download a native app (iOS/Android).

Question 2: Regarding the current market situation, it is too unstable, holding back investors.. So, can you give me some good reasons why I should buy your tokens in this market situation? And also, why should your token holder keep holding?

Mr.Daniel: Sure thing. we have a live product, we reached #3 In AppStore Romania today, we have had more than 3.58M users in 2021 and our focus is profitability from company operations, not token price.

Imagine 100k people (not more) on every month, playing tournaments which have fees and earnings in $WAM. also imagine the WAM marketplace with transactions for NFTs and other digital goods.

Our token is based on a business that has already proven traction and huge user engagement. This is why we know will succeed. our players tell us

Question 3: Can you indicate a feature or feature that you like best about the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?

Ms.Olga: To start with, we don’t really have direct competitors, as our product is unique on the market.

Yes, we do offer a play-to-earn feature, but it’s not “play-hard-to-earn” but “play-easy-to-understand-how-to-play-and-win” mechanics. PLUS, develop-to earn (developed your own game with no coding knowledge needed), own-to-earn (own a game and get % from the profit in $WAM coins) and market-to-earn (rent or own a game and get % from profit in $WAM)

Question 4: Most users are still not aware of Blockchain & its related projects ! So, How Your Project platform creates awareness about their project with NON-CRYPTO users too?

Ms.Olga: Yes, and our mission is also to teach users to use crypto, which we gonna do via our educational materials (articles, videos) AND right on the platform, where users will be able to buy and sell crypto directly from exchanges.

We’re done with all questions.

Host: Thank you team has provided us many useful information 🙏

Ms.Daria: thank you everyone!!!! We were happy to be here!

Ms. Asya: Thank you for this great AMA!

Host: Everyone, keep in mind to join upcoming IGO of on GAMEFI 🔥🔥

📆 Schedule

__Registration time: 11:00 AM UTC, Dec 14–07:00 AM UTC, Dec 17

__Winner announcement: December 17, 2021

__IGO pool date: December 18, 2021

Thank you everyone for your participation. We are very glad to have you all here in our AMA!

We had a great AMA today!

Thank you all for your participation ❤️.’s Official Channel:

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