Attention! New $GAFI Staking Rank & Loyalty Bonus Upgrade 🟢



Oct 13, 2023•2 min read

Attention! New $GAFI Staking Rank & Loyalty Bonus Upgrade 🟢

As stated not long ago, is on the way to upgrading benefits for $GAFI stakers.

First step of ours: We're onboarding the new staking system with new rank & loyalty bonus, based on the $GAFI staking amount & time you spend on $GAFI stakers will receive benefits according to it.

Now, learn our new definitions.

❓ Loyalty point: The bonus point you get from staking
❓ GAFI point: The total point you get from staking
❓ New staking rank: Pro Max

▪️ Royalty point = 0.5% * Staking amount * Number of staking days
▪️ GAFI point = Staking amount + Royalty point

The more staking amount & days you have, the more GAFI points you get, the better benefits you receive.

New rules are stated below.

🍏 About the new staking ranks:

  • ROOKIE: Stake greater than or equal to 10 $GAFI (random allocation - max $60 allocation)
  • ELITE: Stake greater than or equal to 100 $GAFI (random allocation - max $300 allocation)
  • PRO: Stake greater than or equal to 500 $GAFI(random allocation - max $800 allocation)
  • PRO MAX (new): Stake greater than or equal to 1200 $GAFI (guarantee allocation)
  • LEGEND: Top 12 stakers via monthly auction.

🍏 About the new loyalty bonus:

  1. With each staking TxID, you get 0.5% bonus into your GAFI points everyday.
  2. With each unstaking TxID, the system begins to invalidate your GAFI points.
  3. Pro with greater than or equal to 1200 GAFI points will become Pro Max.
    This applies to both stakers before and after this announcement.
    As a result, current Pro stakers who have staked more than 280 days (~9 months) will be immediately upgraded to a new rank: Pro Max.
  4. The maximum duration of the TxID is 1000 days (around 5X loyalty bonus fyi).
  5. You can get 01 ticket of random allocation for each 10 GAFI staked.
  6. For now, stakers from IFO will not receive a loyalty bonus yet. We will work on this in the next time period.


Mark stakes 500 GAFI on Jan 10, 2024; then stakes 200 GAFI on Feb 10, 2024; then unstakes 500 GAFI on Apr 20, 2024.

The table below shows how his loyalty bonus & GAFI point & rank are calculated in the new system:

Mark's staking journey on with the new Loyalty bonus system.

How will the loyalty system work in practice?

This system upgrade will be officially applied soon this year. We will announce the exact date after carefully testing and onboarding.

It's important to note that the loyalty before the official application may involve different formulas & multipliers than what is detailed in this article.

During this update, there may be certain parts of the launchpad that may not function optimally. Rest assured, we will notify the community at least 01 hour before this update takes place.

Kindly follow official channels for the most up-to-date information and support from our team. Thank you!

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