Bezogia Announces Groundbreaking Partnership: Driving the ‘Immutable’ Revolution of Blockchain Gaming



May 15, 20242 min read

Bezogia Announces Groundbreaking Partnership: Driving the ‘Immutable’ Revolution of Blockchain Gaming

ZOGI Labs, a pioneer in the Decentralized Gaming as a Service (GaaS), has recently announced the launch of Bezogia – their premier flagship MMORPG. Now playable on PC, iOS, and Android, Bezogia captivates a global audience with its seamless blend of adrenaline-fueled adventures, deep narratives, and a dynamic, vibrant universe. This groundbreaking MMORPG invites players into an untapped fantasy world, driven by a robust in-game economy and innovative game mechanics that redefine blockchain gaming standards.

An Immutable Partnership Crafted for Gamers

ZOGI Labs has recently formed a significant partnership with Immutable, the leading blockchain incubation platform for Web3 games. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for Bezogia, serving to contribute towards the gameplay experience by substantially reducing transaction fees for in-game activities such as trading NFTs and staking tokens. This economic restructuring not only makes transactions more accessible but also encourages deeper and more frequent engagement within Bezogia’s economy, thereby enriching the gaming experience for all players.

The partnership with Immutable is also slated for expanding Bezogia’s reach towards a vibrant gaming ecosystem populated by a broad community of enthusiastic and professional gamers alike. This potential for attracting a substantial new player base greatly enhances Bezogia’s community and economic dynamics. Additionally, an airdrop of $300,000 to eligible IMX holders is scheduled for May to invigorate the community and further boost player participation, inviting gamers to explore and invest in the expansive world of Bezogia.

A Lucrative Frontier NOT Just for Gamers, but Investors Alike

Bezogia’s $MBLK token lies in the heart of its ecosystem, facilitating in-game transactions, purchases, and rewards, thereby creating a stable and growing economic model that increases the value of in-game assets and tokens. This economic framework not only benefits gamers but also offers investors opportunities for significant returns through $MBLK token staking, with potential yields up to 70,000% APY. With pre-sales surpassing expectations and a thriving player base, the $MBLK token is poised for increased utility and growth, making it an attractive investment opportunity for early investors.

Henry Lee, a distinguished venture capital investor and early supporter of ZOGI Labs, shared his insights on the investment appeal of Bezogia: “What sets Bezogia apart as an investment is its innovative approach to combining gaming pleasure with significant economic opportunities. This game isn’t just about entertainment; it’s an active investment in a digital economy that mirrors the complexities of real-world financial systems. I firmly believe for Bezogia to redefine investor expectations towards blockchain gaming.”

About ZOGI Labs

ZOGI Labs is the pioneer in Decentralized Gaming-As-A-Service (GaaS) and blockchain game development. With a commitment to innovation, community engagement, and the advancement of decentralized gaming ecosystems, ZOGI Labs is dedicated to revolutionizing the Web3 gaming space, starting with its flagship title – Bezogia.

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