China Goes All Out On Metaverse Adoption With World Cup Viewing



Nov 22, 20222 min read

China Goes All Out On Metaverse Adoption With World 
Cup Viewing

As the nation follows through on its ambition to grow its VR Industry, Chinese businesses now provide World Cup Metaverse viewing.

China launches world cup on the metaverse

The Chinese government is about to begin streaming current World Cup games using VR technology as part of its strategy to grow the country's VR industry. The state-run media outlet Global Times published a piece on Sunday making this information public. 5G and VR would make it possible to experience the world cup virtually.

Chinese football fans will be able to watch the FIFA World Cup matches in the metaverse thanks to preparations made by technological companies based in China. The World Cup will serve as a testing ground for these digital companies' metaverse goods.

This latest development is a result of the steps the Chinese government has taken to carry out its 5-year plan to advance the development and uptake of the domestic virtual reality (VR) industry.

Migu and ByteDance to take the lead in metaverse adoption

One of the six Chinese companies permitted to broadcast the World Cup is the video streaming service Migu. In order to watch a Livestream of the game, Migu intends to develop a "Metaverse-like" environment for users to enter using VR headsets.

The tournament will be broadcast via ByteDance's Pico VR headset, which is a subsidiary of the business that owns TikTok and its Chinese equivalent Douyin. Viewers can establish and congregate in "digital rooms" to watch World Cup games together while they are being streamed.

The World Cup serves as a launchpad for the developing metaverse sector in China. The country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and four other agencies made the industry strategy public on November 1,2022

This five-year plan is anticipated to help the nation's VR market expand and sell more than 25 million devices for $48.56 billion. However, it is not stated if the unit target for this strategy is yearly or cumulative during its lifetime.

Gan Yuqing, the chief content officer of Migu, revealed in July that the company will create a virtual interactive space that would be a first in the world for watching the tournament to provide Chinese soccer fans a surreal experience.

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