CONLA of GAFI 2.0: Builds The First Gaming L3 on Bitcoin - Powered by Rootstock, Celestia, and Polygon.



Jan 11, 20243 min read

CONLA of GAFI 2.0: Builds The First Gaming L3 on Bitcoin - Powered by Rootstock, Celestia, and Polygon.

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1️⃣ What is Conla?

Conla stands for Consumer Layer in the definition of GAFI 2.0. We came up with the name yearning about the great duty it carries upon users, the value that we treasure.

Conla is a zkEVM Layer 3 on Bitcoin, built on Polygon CDK with Celestia DA, by team. It focuses on 02 key feature sets: Advanced technology & Game-friendly UX.

➡️ Conla Testnet is to be on air in February, 2024. team got the approvals from many industrial friends for this idea.
For GAFI 2.0, we are honorably powered by Rootstock, Celestia, and Polygon to bring The 1st Gaming L3 on Bitcoin into action.

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2️⃣ Why Conla?

It’s about time we recognize that the current issues with gamefi require a brand new renovation to solve. We’re talking about the challenging barriers of high cost, half-baked transparency, and lack of user interaction & contribution.

Conla was born with the mission to solve these inconveniences. It is:

🔹 Inheriting Bitcoin security & transaction efficiency: Conla (L3) on Rootstock (L2) on Bitcoin (L1)

🔹 Using Celestia DA layer: Higher scalability & transparency

🔹 EVM compatible: Best for its speed & materials support during developing & porting cross-chain games.

🔹 Game-friendly designed: High tick rate, low gas fee; AA, MPC, and Paymaster integrated; support of common ECS frameworks like MUD and DOJO Engine, and more.

While web2.5 games will work perfectly on Conla, we encourage developers to begin experimenting with fully on-chain games (FOCG) in this era. FOCG on L3 on Bitcoin enables a much deeper level of decentralization, potentially unleashing unprecedented permissionless innovation from the ground up.

To make it clearer, below is a simple comparison between Conla & XAI:

3️⃣ How we conduct Conla in GAFI 2.0:

1. We encourage developers to experiment with fully on-chain games (FOCG) #MoaiWorld

FOCG, in our definition, refers to the game ecosystem that completely operates every aspect of it on blockchain, including assets, game logic, state, and data storage.

FOCG, via Conla, utilizes and leverages blockchain technology to replace traditional gaming servers, providing players with an entirely new & frictionless experience.

➡️ Putting ideas into practice, Conla’s 1st experimental platform will soon be introduced - Moai World.

Its advanced user journey offers close-to-zero gas, and faster & more secure transactions compared to previous versions of 'gamefi'. Moai World, in its complete state, enables limitless possibilities for the virtual economy to be autonomously run by the player community.

"FOCG will transform the gaming industry by handing people the advanced technology and creative freedom within the autonomous game world they inhabit." - Trung Nguyen ( CEO).

2. We are allying with organizations for Conla expansion #VOGA

We need a crucial element - Union - to bring big ideas to life. Union, in this context, signifies the collaborative efforts of organizations working towards a shared goal - groundbreaking FOCGs.

➡️ GAFI 2.0 is forming an alliance of organizations to build FOCGs on Conla. We named it VOGA - Vietnam Onchain Gaming Alliance.

Each member of the alliance is a long-term web3/blockchain/game builder with great passion & ideas. We share knowledge, insights, human resources, and connections during development to optimize the joint outcome of our work.

For your information, we are actively working with 10+ publishers, game studios, and supporters as early members of VOGA.

Vision is clear, alliance is forming, a new world is being constructed, we feel an incredible adrenaline rush while working on Conla, as well as GAFI 2.0.

Will you be the first ones there for the birth of our creation?

Keep up with GAFI 2.0! 🌐

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