Drunk Robots - The Dopest Play-to-Earn Game Will Be Launched on GameFi.org in April



Mar 29, 20222 min read

Drunk Robots - The Dopest Play-to-Earn Game Will Be Launched on GameFi.org in April

We are thrilled to introduce a brand new project with appealing gameplay and characters: Drunk Robots. The game has been listed on GameFi.org Aggregator with an attractive trailer video and eye-catching images. ➡️ Access now: https://gamefi.org/game/drunk-robots

Drunk Robots game transports players to a futuristic city, Los Machines which is occupied by junky, drunk robots whose only attentiveness is METAL beer and violence. In this city, robots have been supposed to build a dysfunctional society where power is taken, not earned. There are 10,101 genesis robots in total with distinctive appearances and capabilities. Once possessing a unique NFT, players have to fight for survival and take control of the whole city.

Players’ main mission is to survive and govern the city absorbed by the crazy robots. Besides, players can enjoy Drunk Robots through:

  • Collecting robots, guns, and other street garbage to increase street credibility
  • Participating in PVP battles and drunk races to find the commander
  • Creating own gang or joining a powerful mob ruling the city
  • Owning a hideout where they can earn some METAL to keep themselves alive

Furthermore, players can enjoy diverse activities without a robot required and earn precious prizes. These prizes come in the form of NFTs, thus players can use or sell them on the marketplace.

Token utilities

Drunk Robots will use two main tokens: $JUNK and $METAL.

  • $METAL will be required for shopping, items progression, energy recovery, missions, and so on. Some rewards for successfully completing game activities will also be paid in $METAL.
  • $JUNK is the second token of the game. It will only be used for in-game activities such as container purchases, raffles, and equipment upgrades.

More information about how tokens work: https://drunk-robots.com/economy

$METAL tokens will be exposed on April 07, 2022. Besides, the project will list its tokens on April 08, 2022 on Gate.io and PancakeSwap. Let’s stay tuned on our official channel for the latest news about whitelist registration and $METAL IGO on the GameFi.org launchpad.

Check our Drunk Robots’ official communication channels:

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