ERTHA — Approaching The Idea of Doing Real-life Business in The Metaverse



Dec 15, 20212 min read

ERTHA — Approaching The Idea of Doing Real-life Business in The Metaverse

GameFi and ERTHA will bring you great news about our first collaboration coming up next week. Remember to check out our channels for more information regarding the $ERTHA IDO that will be launched on GameFi.

The project has now been listed on GameFi Aggregator, where you can find in-depth information about game features, play mode, play-to-earn model, and more. Read game details here!

The game takes place in a world where global warming became unstoppable and caused natural disasters that cost countless lives. The fate of humanity now depends on Dr. Uggyq and his project ERTHA.

The project disconnects human minds from their body then preserves bodies in cryogenic pods stored in a self-sustained underground facility. The minds are kept active in the Erthaverse based on three essential stimuli: curiosity, competition, and social recognition.

ERTHA is known to be the first to include the Play2Learn along with Play2Earn mechanics in their gameplay, which means players will actually take education along the road. There will be different levels of education to accomplish the degree and receive in-game experience: Beginner, Bachelor, Master, Doctoral, and Expert.

In Erthaverse, the economy, politics, and wars are all player-driven. Owning NFT assets in ERTHA means you can generate lifetime revenue from them. Players will be able to acquire virtual NFT land plots called HEX, through which there come many possible transactions that earn landowners cashback $ERTHA.

Humans in ERTHA — Erthians are divided into three categories with different personalities and roles in society for you to organize:

  • Businessman: Social recognition, Produce & Supply, Companies Market
  • Scientist: Curiosity, Study Research Work, Train Fight Guard
  • Warrior: Competitiveness, Train Fight Guard, Weapon Armors

These unique dynamics will define how powerful your forces stand within the Erthaverse, bringing out the amazing experience of doing real-life business in their gameplay.

The ERTHA team has completed 70% of the game development in the last three years. Take a look into the Erthaverse through its epic official trailer here:

The $ERTHA IGO will be launched on December 20, 2021 on GameFi. We will update the pool details soon so make sure you turn on notifications for the whitelist registration and $ERTHA public sale’s schedule afterward!

For more information about ERTHA, take your time to do research on their official channels:

Website | Telegram group | Telegram announcement | Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Whitepaper | Tokenomics

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