GameFi Earn: A Safe and Simple Way to Grow Your Digital Assets



Mar 26, 20222 min read

GameFi Earn: A Safe and Simple Way to Grow Your Digital Assets

Along with the development of the ecosystem, we would like to bring in one of the most long-awaited features: GameFi Earn. Users have chances to earn more tokens by staking on this new earning program.

What is GameFi Earn?

GameFi Earn is a one-stop service allowing users to earn interest on crypto savings. It offers different types of savings including Flexible and Fixed pools with competitive interest rates. Also, this feature opens up opportunities for GameFi partners to have staking pools for APY (Annual Percentage Yield). GameFi Earn saves time and effort for partners since they no longer need to develop their own version of token staking.

On the other hand, users can have a thorough understanding of all projects and their earning programs on GameFi Earn. Besides, the risk of scamming or smart contract hacking can be reduced thanks to the integration. Users can lock the alternative tokens from a specific pool within GameFi Earn and obtain interest tokens based on the following statistics:

  • Pool type: Flexible and Fixed

__Flexible pool allows users to lock their tokens and earn APY income on a block-by-block basis. This pool offers them great flexibility to withdraw their staked tokens at any time.

__Fixed pool is an APY-earning pool with a locked time and can only be redeemed at the end of the period. Yet, this pool offers a higher interest rate than the above pool.

  • Lock-up duration: It is a period in which users’ tokens are locked. There are 3 terms such as 14 days, 30 days, and 90 days.
  • Interest (APY, APR): It is calculated depending on the lock-up term. The longer duration usually results in better interest rates.
  • Quota: The maximum amount of tokens can be locked for rewarded tokens. If the number of tokens users have locked reaches the maximum amount, no tokens can be locked.
  • Applicable subject: Depending on each staking pool, a specific subject is applicable.

First-ever Earning Chance on GameFi Earn

To celebrate the opening of GameFi Earn, we announce the first $GAFI earning pool for all investors. It is about to launch on March 27, 2022 with the data as below:

  • Pool type: Fixed pool
  • IGO participation chance: Without IGO
  • Token: $GAFI
  • Interest rate: approx. 7% of APY
  • Lock-up duration: 90 days
  • Quota: 200,000 GAFI
  • Applicable subject: all Investors

The new feature GameFi Earn creates opportunities for users to earn passive income with their own assets safely, especially in a volatile market like cryptocurrency. will unveil new earning pools with valuable rewards shortly. Let’s stay tuned since lots of engaging news are coming soon.

Note: This article is not investment advice. Users are supposed to take responsibility for their actions.

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