GameFi Offers a More Flexible Vesting Schedule for $GAFI Token



Dec 6, 20212 min read

GameFi Offers a More Flexible Vesting Schedule for $GAFI Token

On September 10, 2021, GameFi’s $GAFI token IDO took place on three platforms: Red Kite, DAO Maker, and GameFi Launchpad. The second tranche to claim $GAFI tokens will be on December 10, 2021. At this tranche, GameFi will increase the flexibility of the token vesting schedule.

Accordingly, the community of $GAFI public buyers can choose 1 of 2 options to claim their tokens.

1️⃣ Option 1:

  • Claim 25% of the overall vesting on this second tranche,
  • then claim the remaining 50% block-by-block on a separate GameFi website (to be announced) within six months of December 10, 2021.

2️⃣ Option 2:

  • Claim 25% of the overall vesting on this second tranche,
  • then get the next 25% of the overall vesting (the third tranche) airdropped to your wallet within three business days from December 10, 2021.
  • Shortly afterward, the remaining 25% of public tokens will be burnt.

⏳ Selection time: Before 2:30 PM UTC, December 9, 2021

🌐 Registration website:

🔴 Note:

After selection time, we will reschedule the $GAFI vesting schedule according to Option 1 for buyers who do not choose an option.

We recognize that there will always be some who want to hold $GAFI for the long term to aid the project team in achieving tremendous milestones. Additionally, others want to maximize income while minimizing risk, which is entirely rational. We learned via stakeholder consultations that the current vesting mechanism would be considered inadequate.

We anticipate that most participants in the public sale will share our aim to mitigate the effect of token release and recognize the importance of this decision.

The GameFi team places a premium on the sustainability and durability of the GAFI token, and the team believes that individual sale participants will share this view.

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