GAMEFI.ORG & ANICHESS: Modernizing Chess Experience & Empowering Community Connection โ™š



Oct 13, 2023โ€ข2 min read

GAMEFI.ORG & ANICHESS: Modernizing Chess Experience & Empowering Community Connection โ™š


Anichess is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands that is developing an innovative and community-driven chess experience. At the center of this experience is a free-to-play game that combines traditional chess's core values with added strategic layers through innovative spell mechanics.

They are driven by innovation, inclusivity, and community empowerment, continuously striving to create a platform that preserves the rich heritage of chess while constantly pushing the boundaries of the game.

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Anichess is on a mission to grow the community by bringing new energy and innovation to chess. couldn't be more excited to have crossed paths with Anichess team, and we are delighted to embark on this journey together as long-term partners.

Some interesting facts on Anichess:

- Anichess was founded by Animoca Brands, partnered with
- You should prepare to be amazed by the quality of Anichess' 1st trailer: Watch Trailer.
- Anichess team reached $1.5 Million in the first funding round!


๐Ÿ“ Next moves:

โ™˜ supports Anichessโ€™s upcoming gaming events
This will be one of the rare occasions we recommend you guys join a game's early experience. A captivating adventure is waiting for you, both chess newbies & veterans.

โ™˜ Welcome Anichess to Game World:
Anichess will onboard on Game World, enhancing our gaming ecosystem & bringing new dimensions to chess enthusiasts.

โ™˜ Anichess Missions on DMission with Rewards:
Get on to clear this mission and get amazing rewards from the team themselves!

๐Ÿ“ Long-Term:

โ™— Co-support game development journey:
Both teams will put a great effort into supporting and delivering the development of the game. We want both traditional & modern players to witness a chess experience like never before.

โ™— Expand & strengthen chess community networks:
We aim to foster stronger connections within the global chess community, promoting inclusivity, collaboration, and camaraderie.

The partnership represents the fusion of innovation, tradition, and a shared passion for chess. and Anichess are committed to redefining chess by making it more engaging & rewarding than ever before.

Stay tuned for our updates! ๐Ÿ’š

About Anichess

Anichess is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands focused on developing and advancing decentralized chess. Anichess brings new energy and innovation to one of the worldโ€™s oldest and most widely played games, modernizing and tokenizing it to take advantage of opportunities presented by Web3 technologies and communities. When it begins launching in 2024, Anichess will offer a free-to-play game that combines the core values of traditional chess with an additional layer of strategy provided by new features including an innovative spell mechanic. Anichess will boast a strong focus on powerful visuals and skill-based gameplay to deliver a captivating, esport-like experience for fans of chess and novices alike.

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