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Sep 2, 20223 min read App: Enhance Your Ultimate Experience with is thriving and has become one of the most successful platforms thanks to the explosion of active members and qualified projects launched monthly. To bring our community the best experience even on the go, we have just released App with incredible features. Check it out now!

How App Benefit Gamefi Enthusiasts?

In the very new App, there are multiple features that will surely excite you!

  • Join public sales ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

Users can participate in the Initial Game Offering (IGO) of all projects on their phones. Imagine the whitelist time is at midnight in your timezone or while you’re outside without your PC/laptop, you can still easily Apply whitelist, Purchase, or Claim tokens. Moreover, the pool timeline and information tabs that are clearly arranged will help you keep track of your buying plan.

Users can join token sales on App from now on. Never missing any IGO even on the go!

  • Connect your wallet effortlessly

In App, we simplify the wallet connecting process on mobile devices. It becomes much easier since users can connect wallet directly on

Previously, the wallet connection progress was a bit complicated for users, especially newcomers. When they connect MetaMask/Trust Wallet on website via a mobile browser, they have to go through lots of steps and direct to other browsers.

Understanding that weakness, we have solved a big problem of wallet connection on mobile browsers. From now on, users just need to click on My Profile section on App and connect their MetaMask or TrustWallet. We will support many more wallet types shortly.

  • A friendly game and metaverse dictionary in your hand

With the App, users can have a library of information about game projects and metaverses. Users can open GameHub - a steam-like platform for games and gamification projects. Instead of spending hours searching for game or metaverse information on hundreds of sites, you just open the Game Hub tab on the App to search for your favorite games. The App provides you with detailed information about the games and metaverses themselves, their social channels, and their reviews like a dictionary. In addition, users can also easily track the token price with real-time data on our app.

Download App, Get 300 Gafish for Gamefiversary Event

To celebrate’s birthday (Gamefiversary), we organize Catventure in the Multiverse with the participation of leading games and metaverses. The total prize pool for Catventure is worth more than 50,000 BUSD for TOP players and teams.

Besides experiencing interesting gameplays during the events, users can take part in various satellite events. One of them is Lucky Spin which requires Gafish to buy a spin ticket and earn $GAFI. If users download App during this time, they can claim 300 Gafish easily to exchange for spin tickets.

Find us on App Store now: App.

The version for the Android system will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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