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G'morning, community and frens!

It has been 2.5 years since we launched It was crazy days back then. was the best performing launchpad and we worked tirelessly day and night hunting, launching, and supporting games.

Even though the "gamefi wave" fizzled out quickly, it opened our eyes to something significant. Blockchain-enabled gaming is an unborn dinosaur, what we saw was just the first crack in its eggshell!

At, our mission since day 01 has been simple yet challenging: Building solid infra & useful tools to support web3 games. We began by offering advisory and launching services, and then expanded to include a game hub. More recently, we introduced quests through We kept building and connecting through the winter.

Today, we are delighted to announce GAFI 2.0, our most significant initiative since the inception of

What is GAFI 2.0? ğŸ’Ž

Simply put, GAFI 2.0 consists of 2 new products designed to address the challenges in the 2 key areas: Game infra and Launchpad. Both are planned to make an appearance in Q1 2024.

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CONCHA is a zkEVM Layer 3 on Bitcoin, built on Polygon CDK with Celestia DA.
It focuses on 2 key feature sets:

  • UX: integration of AA and MPC wallets for frictionless experience.
  • Game-friendly features: higher tickrate, supporting of common ECS frameworks like MUD and DOJO Engine, and more.

While web2.5 games will work perfectly on Concha, we encourage developers to experiment with fully onchain games (FOCG). FOCG enables a much deeper level of decentralization which has the potential of unleashing unprecedented permissionless innovation from the ground up.

We are forming an alliance of game studios to build such significant autonomous worlds on Concha.


There is a problem with all current launchpads: premium projects do not choose to launch there. Years of prioritizing initial pump over long-term value has created a vibe in launchpads that is incompatible with top-tier projects.

CATIA is the sub-brand of launchpad, designed specifically to enter this niche. While Catia's launches won't be frequent, each time it does, it will be something magnificent.

We are in talks to partner with industry leaders for future deal flows and extreme expansion of Catia.

The Migration of $GAFI token ğŸ’Ž

Despite major transformation, we keep using one token for empowering the entire ecosystem.

The current $GAFI token will be upgraded & migrated to a new token, at the rate of 1:100. The new token can only be obtained through the migration of $GAFI, and there will be no supply inflation.

Name of the new token & migration process will be announced next in line.

Stay tuned as the team gradually unveils the various aspects and advancements of GAFI 2.0. There's much more to explore, so keep an eye out for upcoming announcements!

About is a one-stop destination for web3 explorers.

We aim to build digital communities and manage virtual economies for mainstream adoption with Launchpad & Game World. We provide solid infra & useful tools to support the development of web3 games via Concha & Catia.

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