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Apr 19, 20222 min read & League of Kingdoms: Co-creating Positive Changes for The Future Of Game Finance officially welcomes League of Kingdoms (LoK) to its ecosystem of gaming and metaverse as a long-term partner, aiming to build and embrace the connection between the two communities.

The great motivation of both

In 2021, the blockchain industry witnessed substantial growth in gamefi and in the crypto community's metaverse adaptation. Many play-to-earn projects have been introduced, promising an excellent future for early gamers and investors who joined the launch.

However, there is a significant gap between visions and reality. Developing a functioning game is a long and complicated process, especially with the cryptocurrency factor. The blockchain gaming industry is going through big challenges with implementing a balanced in-game economy and building an authentically strong gaming community.

Sharing concerns and seeing potentials in each other, and LoK decided to join forces with a view to supporting the game's full lifecycle. Both are heading toward finding practical ways to develop and promote the projects on the crypto markets, improving gaming experience and income for the community.

Upcoming collaborations

Both teams will soon present their co-marketing support by sharing news & events on social media. With the participation of LoK in the ecosystem, the two communities are expecting to embrace this close connection for long-term cooperation., as a well-known center for play-to-earn projects launch, will present LoK to its community through various ecosystem features: game updates on GameFi Hub, Marketplace, GameFi Insight, etc. These promotions promise to attract more players, traders, and investors to learn about LoK.

GameFi Hub is now presenting LoK at:

LoK, on the other hand, offers value to the guild & community when co-hosting upcoming events. The project is supported by #HASHED, Sequoia Capital, and Binance Labs. As a team with remarkable experience in game development, LoK shows its interest in the versatility of community. Hence, the community will first receive benefits in NFT events from the game. The team will also have privileged access to guild rounds for LoK's activities in the future.

Celebrating the partnership between and LoK, the teams opened the Drago Stickers NFT giveaway campaign. The NFTs will be on sale in May, hence, here is the chance for users to get early access to one of its core digital assets in gameplay.

Join here:

Many activities from both teams are on their way to being on air. To avoid missing out on great opportunities from these collaborations, stay focused on LoK &'s official channels below.

About League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer strategy game centered around building kingdoms and governing the world. Here the player can build a powerful kingdom and army, forge alliances, compete against others, and trade digital assets across blockchains.

The LANDs are NFTs transparently and verifiably stored on the blockchain network, so players can own and trade freely. Gamers can not only own a parcel of Land, but various resources therein, and the future growth of the game company.

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