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Mar 26, 20223 min read Marketplace: 3 Things to Note Down for This Next Release

Reaching a key period of improvement, will officially introduce one of its major updates of this year: Marketplace’s official release in March 2022.

Being a reliable partner of GameFi projects, successfully held several INO events in the past 6 months.

On the official website:, 32384 transactions have been made, raising up to 5.2M USD in total.

The increasing demands in trading NFT items from players and traders have motivated the team to speed up the process of building Marketplace. Soon the feature will be released, and here are the 3 essential things to note about this brand new destination.

1️⃣ The features

In Marketplace, you can find NFT items that are listed for buy & sell from the creators, players, and traders of the games, updating in real time.

1. Hot Collection, Big Offer & Discover Marketplace makes it easier to browse around the NFT collections or popular items or currently attract more user interest.

Trading NFT items might be truly complicated, especially for players joining different NFT gaming projects. Whether owning items from projects that have not released a marketplace or owning items from many games with different marketplaces might cause an inconvenient experience.

Instead of fragmented markets, Marketplace will serve as a central hub for players who have the same interest in trading characters, weapons, skin, etc. So the chances are, many great deals are waiting for you to explore.

2. Listing

NFT owners can list any NFT items from their wallets with a listing price of their choice. To protect buyers from trading fraud, the items will be locked in our smart contract and released when the listing process is canceled.

3. Offer

If you find any particular NFT item you like, you can make an offer to the owner. Once accepted, the NFT will be in your wallet. When an offer is made, the bid amount of tokens will be locked in our smart contract and released when it’s canceled.

4. Asset Management

To have an overview of your assets, also offers a simple dashboard for users to manage listings, offers & their assets. The feature could be accessed from the My Account menu on the marketplace

2️⃣ The different kinds of offers

| NFT Sale

NFT items that are offered separately, or in a whole collection. You will clearly see what the items are and which collection they belong to.

| Mystery Box Sale

Boxes bring out a bit more mystery. You will not know exactly what NFT items you get until you buy the box and open it. The boxes may contain one NFT or many NFTs, common NFT, or super rare NFT, all at the same price.

The important thing you should notice is the drop rate of NFT, which will be presented to you in the Series Content tab.

| Land Sale

NFT Lands, the ownable area of digital assets is becoming more and more popular with the idea of Metaverse. Lands with location information in detail will also be presented to you on the Marketplace. Make sure to check the original map from the seller to see where your real estate is located.

3️⃣ The selected NFT items

High interest & rapid changes of the blockchain market come along with users’ concern of keeping up with qualified projects.

Understanding this struggle, Marketplace aims to present impressive items designs & gameplay demos of projects with promising development in the future.

  • Items at a good early price
  • Items that are limited & exclusive
  • Items come with rewards for buyers. Surprising airdrops, bundles, or allocations may show up at times when you do not expect them at all.

NFT game items, in general, have special use cases: working both for trading and gaming. In times when the market is not ideal for trading NFT, users still have the chance to keep on making money by using these NFT in games to actively & passively earn.

Along with this major update, will continue working on different features to figure out more and more suitable options for the hub, bringing the greatest experience to the community.

Your support and active feedback mean a lot to the future development of Share your thoughts with the team at:

Note: This article is not investment advice. Users are supposed to take responsibility for their actions.

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