Partners with Firebird - A Scalable and Frictionless-Oriented Chain for Web3 Games and Metaverse



Nov 1, 20222 min read Partners with Firebird - A Scalable and Frictionless-Oriented Chain for Web3 Games and Metaverse is delighted to collaborate with Firebird Chain (formerly PolkaFoundry) to support its network on ecosystem. So, what is special about Firebird and why does this partnership bring benefits to users? Let’s explore.

What is Firebird?

Firebird (formerly PolkaFoundry) is a game-dedicated chain allowing to build of scalable and frictionless Web3 gaming and metaverse applications without security compromise.

Being a stand-alone chain built with Cosmos SDK and designed specifically for Web3 games and metaverse, Firebird pays attention to blockchain performance for boosting users’ gaming experience. Firebird team aims to create an efficient chain that enables fast and low-cost transactions, facilitating easy trading for in-game assets.

Firebird’s Highlight Features

Firebird owns various outstanding features which have solved the problems for lots of gaming and metaverse projects. Particularly:

UX enabling features

Firebird offers features allowing developers to simplify the Web3 interaction processes and overcome a lot of user experience difficulties. The network is optimized for Signing Key in place of the private key, Flexible Payer where applications can pay transaction fees for users in a decentralized way, and Assets Inheritance allowing the users to set others as their inheritors.

Fast and effective

Firebird network claims its capacity can execute a huge number of transactions per second (TPS) at a cost of pennies. It is expected to guarantee immediate transaction finality within a one-second block time. Also, the transaction fee is almost zero, thus end users will not be burdened with any higher costs compared to other popular blockchain networks.

EVM compatible

Firebird can handle interoperability problems thanks to its EVM compatibility, which helps users switch among different blockchains easily without a UX/UI change. This feature can enhance the user experience and easily draw a sizable number of users for projects.


Firebird network’s compliance is one of the top priorities that the team has been taking into consideration. It aims to provide an anti-cheating mechanism that can be applied by checking the user's identity and doing data transmission in a crypto way.

Layer 2

Using layer 2 solutions, massive data bundles are delivered off-chain for processing and computation while being collateralized by a smart contract on the main chain. They can produce a block in a short time, with the ability to process thousands of transactions per second. and Firebird Collaboration is glad to form a strategic partnership and integrate Firebird Chain into its ecosystem to develop web3 games and metaverse. Firebird will supply with efficient tools for faster blockchain product building. Besides, the projects deployed on Firebird Chain will be supported by and Firebird will run a special campaign with appealing rewards for users. The time is coming and let’s stay tuned for what is coming up next.

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