gamefi Reported A 7-Digit Investment From DWF Labs



Feb 17, 2023•1 min read Reported A 7-Digit Investment From DWF Labs

We are delighted to report that the ecosystem secured a 7-digit investment from DWF Labs.

Sharing the goal to gather bold pioneers dedicated to building the future of Web3, and DWF Labs had a significant alignment in the agreement of this significant partnership.

The ecosystem has been showing impressive growth to optimize user experience & achievement, heading forward to the mass adoption of Web3. Hence, the funds raised will be directed toward building and promoting key collective features of, including the revamped Game Hub, GameGPT, and Game World.

With support from DWF Labs, is confident to say, we are getting close to the mission of fulfilling the missing discovery and user engagement layer for the Web3 gaming industry.

🌐 Meet DWF Labs

DWF Labs is a global digital asset market maker and multi-stage web3 investment firm with offices around the world. Its parent firm, Digital Wave Finance (DWF), is one of the world's largest high-frequency cryptocurrency trading entities.

DWF Labs, together with A16Z Crypto, recently co-led the investor round worth $13.8M in tokens sold by Yield Guild Games (YGG).

The company also recorded impressive number at the moment:

  • Top 5 by trading volume in the top 10 exchanges
  • Trading more than 2,000 tokens and increasing
  • Top trading entity on 40 top exchanges

DWF Labs offers consulting, liquidity provision, cybersecurity, smart contract audit processes, debt-financing, treasury management and connections with its numerous partners across different verticals.

For more information, check out DWF's official channels:

Website | Investment Portfolio | Twitter | Telegram | Podcast | LinkedIn | Medium | Pitch

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