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Feb 14, 20223 min read’s Beta Version: Let’s Be The First Person To Access!

Founded in August 2021, has made a huge effort to provide exceptional features and friendly UX to meet all users’ ultimate experiences. We have released a Beta version (V2) with practical UX, a more understandable UI so that every user, even new ones, can gain convenient accessibility without any difficulties.

Let’s have a look at’s V2 with various benefits such as UX and performance enhancement, a more detailed staking mechanism, and a mobile-friendly design.

➡️ Access here:

User experience and performance improvement

Our primary purposes are to complete the ecosystem and create an ultimate experience for users. We have innovated all features for users’ greater accessibility and improved the existing weaknesses in the previous version.

Take a look at several new characteristics for this Beta, particularly:

  • First-ever homepage: has landed its first-ever homepage with a full display of all features within its ecosystem. Users can scroll the page to look for featured games, the latest IGOs/INOs, top favorite games, and the performance of top tokens on the GameFi launchpad. Also, there is a slight change in the feature name to be more acquainted with users.
  • INO auction: We have unveiled a new mechanism: INO auction. This playground is established for game publishers to bring INOs to the auction. Let’s wait for its detailed description in the next version.

Furthermore, we have made a mass update in terms of UI and UX for current features, such as:

  • Aggregator: The Aggregator makes a significant difference compared to its former version. Once accessing the Aggregator menu, a list of games is displayed with plenty of information without clicking each game. Users can recognize its name, images, category, price, 24-hour volume, and CMC rank in the first look.
  • INO: In this Beta version, has performed the previous projects with attached information in a list for users’ better follow.

In this version, we have improved the existing weaknesses in the previous version. In addition, the loading and processing speed are boosted for the best impression. Also, when users experience each section, they can access the related sites and pages thanks to direct links on the current screen.

More detailed staking mechanism

Our new UI makes connecting your wallet and following your current rank and other related information more accessible. All details about your tier, staking status, and information about other ranks are shown clearly. Besides, complete instruction on staking guidelines, unstaking policies, and top Legend users are displayed comprehensibly. Any users will no longer get any trouble with this new performance.

Mobile-friendly design and compatible capacity with multiple devices

This version is equipped with a mobile-friendly design and compatible with various devices. Besides laptops and desktop computers, users can experience all the features of’s new version to the fullest on their smartphones or tablets. Also, compatible features on mobiles enable users to gain a practical and satisfying experience even on the go.

Upcoming features

The team is on the way to creating a stable and long-term development ecosystem. will enhance a new face for several former features and introduce brand unique characteristics, such as:

  • My Account menu: new users can easily understand its basic guidelines. Besides, we add the Collections feature with information about users’ diverse assets for a convenient track.
  • IGO section: a simpler and friendlier interface with upgraded features will be displayed in this section.

Moreover, plenty of impressive features like Marketplace and Metaverse with practical experience will be onboard shortly. Stay tuned on our official channels and be the earliest user to experience a new


TL;DR: What is new in our Beta version?

  • Friendly UX and performance improvement: Update current features’ UI and UX for simpler accessibility, and enhance existing weaknesses in the previous version.
  • More detailed staking mechanism with the complete guideline.
  • A mobile-friendly design and compatible ability with various devices.

*Note: This is the Beta version of Some features are experimental and subject to change in future releases. Users can switch to V1 anytime.

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