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Here come special opportunities for gamers to earn tokens of their favorite games on No staking is required and gamers can get a slot in our upcoming pool for gamers. Check out the article now for more details.

Download Epic War testnet HERE:

What is a Gamer pool on

The gamer pool is designed for actual gaming players who are passionate about specific games and desire to develop themselves in the games. Any gamer who would like to obtain project tokens to boost their gaming performance is eligible.

This pool does not require users to stake $GAFI or apply a whitelist since they can use one ticket NFT to participate. By introducing the pool on, we hope to bring project tokens closer and create the most comprehensive experience for gamers.

What are the benefits of Gamer pool?

Once joining a Gamer pool, users will obtain plenty of advantages over users taking part in other pools.

  • No staking and KYC are required.
  • Gleam participation and whitelist application are not eliminated.
  • To be one of the first people to experience the project’s testnet, mainnet, or proof of concept.
  • Have chances to earn rewards and NFTs from an actual gaming experience.
  • Easy participation: Buy ticket > Experience game > Purchase tokens.

How to buy ticket for Gamer pool?

1️⃣ Select the IGO menu on the sidebar and access the targeted Ticket sale pool

2️⃣ Select Currency, Type, and Amount

3️⃣ Click [Approve]

4️⃣ Click [Buy] to purchase the ticket

Users can check their purchased tickets in the tab [My tickets].

How to participate in the Gamer pool?

Just follow several steps then users will get allocation for the Gamer pool. Let’s check out the guideline below:

1️⃣ Buy ticket successfully

2️⃣ Use the ticket to access the game’s Testnet, Mainnet, or Proof of Concept (depending on each project’s requirements)

3️⃣ Complete a task to prove users’ game participation (depending on each project’s requirements)

4️⃣ On completion of a mission, users will win allocation (buying slot)

5️⃣ Access the Gamer pool and purchase tokens in time

Upcoming Gamer pool on

On May 12, 2022, Epic War will conduct its IGO for $EWAR tokens on Besides, it will release its Gamer pool for all gamers who are interested in their upcoming testnet.

Download Epic War Testnet Here:

When completing the tasks below, users can grasp the allocation for the Epic War Gamer pool:

➡️ Knockdown 20 in-game monsters regardless of difficulty level

In addition, there are 03 side rewards. Players can get 1 weapon NFT and 1 gear NFT if:

  • Successfully complete a game in the shortest time
  • Kill the most numbers of monsters throughout the event time
  • Being knocked down in the fastest time in a game match


  • Ticket pool sale to join testnet:
  • Ticket sale period: 15:00 UCT, May 05, 2022 - 10:00 UTC, May 10, 2022
  • Ticket price: 0.1 GAFI/ticket
  • Total released tickets: 10,000 tickets
  • The first 1,000 tickets will buy tokens in guarantee form. If there is any token left, the remaining tickets will buy on an FCFS basis
  • 1,000 gamers with guaranteed tickets can buy tokens with an allocation worth $30
  • Total allocation for $EWAR Gamer pool: $30,000
  • Gamer pool date: May 12, 2022


  • will NOT launch a Gamer pool for all projects. It relies on each project’s requirements.
  • Depending upon the actual pool size, gamers can buy tokens with guarantee allocation or on a First-come, First-serve basis.
  • The ticket price is determined by the total allocation.

For the first time on, real gamers can grasp their chances to earn project tokens from their preferred games. More and more earning opportunities for gamers will be unveiled shortly. Stay tuned!

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