GemUni — Leading The Way for Casual Game Players to The World of Play-to-Earn



Jan 13, 20222 min read

GemUni — Leading The Way for Casual Game Players to The World of Play-to-Earn

Casual games have always been known as the most-picked gaming category, with a significant number of players across the world. GameFi is delighted to introduce our collaboration with GemUni — offering you the upgraded version of a casual games center: Play-to-Earn version.

Introduction to GemUni

GemUni aims to build itself as a decentralized universe of casual games for traditional players worldwide to explore the concept of play-to-earn. Casual games in GemUni remain simple, easy to play, and now can bring actual cash to players. Most people used to play games for fun. However, GemUni is offering them to play games for fun and profit.

The diversity of games in GemUni might surprise you with over 1000 projects planning to be launched in 2022, including these categories:

  • Puzzle/Trivia & Brain
  • Arcade & Action
  • Simulation
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Party & Music
  • Idle Clicker

Users’ preferences might be different, but this universe of gameplay can bring various choices to make, play, and earn to its community. Especially with the DeFi mechanism, GemUni aims to elevate users’ experiences to the next level with various activities in their ecosystem: Farming, Staking, Burning, Lending, Leasing, and Rewards.

Why is GemUni special?

  • A Casual Gaming Platform: With the priority of ‘Fun, Easy, and Play to Earn,’ GemUni desires to leverage people’s gaming experience with blockchain features. The combination of the popular casual gaming model and a play-to-earn mechanism is expected to mark a big move for GemUni in the industry.
  • A Signature Gaming Platform: GemUni also has plans for unique signature games. They will be built separately to maximize earning opportunities for users. The chances are we will be able to experience this special development from the GemUni team around Q1, 2022.

Besides, GemUni will also bring to the table different game tournaments & challenges along the road. These events will show up by weeks, months, and seasons, keeping an active community for users to catch up. And the Play-to-Earn mechanism allows players to earn from normal gameplay and get rewards from these tournaments and challenges.

GemUni is expecting to announce its Marketplace launch and the first Global Tournament plan in Q1 of 2022. After that, the first 100+ games will be ready in Q2 of 2022 for players to join. The clock is ticking, let’s get prepared for the long run with GemUni!

GemUni’s backers include:

Kyber Ventures, Shima Capital, Peter Vesterbacka — Mighty Eagle at Rovio (Angry Birds games), ZBS Capital (CryptoDiffer), Kyros Ventures (coin68), Gain Associates, ZipMex, ExNetwork Capital, HG Ventures, among many others.

GameFi is delighted to partner with GemUni to conduct the IGO event for $GENI on January 19, 2022. Stay tuned on our official channels to receive the project’s latest news about whitelist registration and the IGO timeline.

More information about GemUni can be found via the links below:

Website | Twitter | Telegram (Chat) | Telegram (News)

Discord | TikTok | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube | Medium

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