Get yourself a Blue Matty Statue via MetaBeat INO: Join game, K-Pop concert, fanmeeting, and more!



Sep 21, 20232 min read

Get yourself a Blue Matty Statue via MetaBeat INO: Join game, K-Pop concert, fanmeeting, and more!

1️⃣ About MetaBeat INO

Learn about MetaBeat: Website | Twitter | Blog | Whitepaper

MetaBeat is built around NFT creations, participants, and rewards. They have been recording a growing number of NFT creations and users on the platform in the last several months.

MetaBeat embraces the partnerships between creators/artists and fans, strengthening the connection through the positive experience of symbiosis. The ecosystem fueled this idea and reflects in values and contributions by users in the MetaBeat communities. and MetaBeat are collaborating for Blue Matty Statue INO sale on September 26, 2023.

Collections of Matty NFTs by MetaBeat, Blue Matty Statue NFT is the one in the middle.

🧿 POOL DETAILS: This INO has 02 pools:


  • Buyes: Previous Matty NFT holders & Whitelisters on
  • Price: 2 MATIC/NFT (50% discount)
  • Sale time: 08:00 Sep 26 - 14:00 Sep 26 (UTC)
  • Amount: 3,500 NFTs

Note: The remaining NFTs after Whitelist pool closes (if any) will be rolled over into Public pool.


  • Buyers:  Everyone
  • Price: 4 MATIC/NFT
  • Sale time: 08:10 Sep 26 - 08:10 Oct 1 (UTC)
  • Amount: 1,500 NFTs


Blue Matty Statue NFTs in this INO will be the only Matty NFT that could be used in games - MINE WARZ, plus other casual Matty NFT benefits/perks as below:

  • Higher yield for rewards & perks when equipping this NFT for PFP in MINE WARZ
  • Kpop concert ticket raffle
  • Fan meeting raffle
  • Matty goods (guaranteed)
  • Kpop goods and NFT raffle


Step 1: Access Blue Matty Statue INO pools.

🔗 Whitelist pool:

🔗 Public pool:

Step 2: Connect wallet.

Step 3: Click the [Join Competition] button

Step 4: Click [Apply Whitelist]

Step 5: Access the pools at sale time, order the number of items you would like to buy and click [Confirm];

Step 6: Check the number of purchased items in [Collection] tab.

Note: No KYC needed for the Blue Matty Statue INO on

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