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GameFi.org is coming close to the first milestone in its development roadmap. Let’s take a throwback at our journey and witness all the best things we have done. Plenty of features were released and various events were held for the sake of GameFi.org communities. To celebrate our first anniversary, we would love to host a big event to strengthen the connection between projects and users with GameFi.org.

The event is organized as an online adventure with the participation of many games and metaverses. Players have to complete tasks in each project to earn points and gain previous rewards. By joining the event, players will have chances to know more information and experience appealing gameplays from leading projects. Besides, they will accompany top guilds and communities during the whole adventure.

Event Information

Let’s unveil what will be appeared in the online adventure at GameFi.org:

  • Event name: Catventure in the Multiverse
  • Players who join the Event: Catstronaut
  • Guild/Team/Community joining the Event: Space Clowder
  • Leader of each Space Clowder: Catmander
  • Each Game and Metaverse project in the Event: Universe
  • Points earned in the adventure: Gafish

🎊 Check out event page now: https://gamefi.org/happy-gamefiversary

Adventure Time

The event will take place from 13:00 UTC, August 24 - 13:00 UTC, September 8

Add the event to your Calendar now to join in time: REMIND ME NOW 🛎🛎

For Projects

We are open to the application of projects who would like to join the event as a universe for Catstronauts to discover.

👉🏻 Apply HERE: https://gamefi.typeform.com/adventure-apply

Coming Up Next

A bundle of news will be going live in the next few days. Let’s stay tuned on GameFi.org Insight, Twitter, and Telegram to be the first ones to update them. Check the schedule now:

▶️Video trailer: August 19, 2022

▶️Games and Metaverses in the Adventure: August 19, 2022 to August 21, 2022

▶️The referral program for teams/communities/guilds: August 20, 2022

▶️Lucky Draw game: August 21, 2022

▶️Detailed guidelines to participate in the event for players: August 22, 2022

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