Introducing Cryptia — a full-scale Blockchain RPG game that will Launch its $CRYPT IGO on GameFi!



Oct 2, 20212 min read

Introducing Cryptia — a full-scale Blockchain RPG game that will Launch its $CRYPT IGO on GameFi!

We are thrilled to announce that GameFi has formed a collaboration with Cryptia to support the $CRYPT IGO event on our launchpad. The project has now been listed on GameFi Aggregator, where you can find in-depth information about game features, play mode, play-to-earn model, and more. Read game details here!

$CRYPT IGO on GameFi will conduct on October 8, 2021. Let’s follow the article below to know more about the Cryptia project and understand why it is interesting.

What is Cryptia?

World of Cryptia is a full-scale blockchain fantasy RPG where players hire adventurers, explore ruins, discover items, and battle monsters to earn in-game rewards. Besides, players can earn, trade, sell and level up items with unique powers at the in-game marketplace using $CRYPT tokens. As users progress through the game, their characters develop unique traits and equip themselves with rare items making each character and adventure one of a kind. The more high-level monsters they conquer, the more rewards they get in this revolutionary.

Cryptia’s outstanding and unique features

World of Cryptia has a number of exclusive features that distinguish it from other play-to-earn RPGs.

A mysterious and attractive world in Cryptia

Once upon a time, there were four nations that dominated the earth: The Almighty Fire Empire, The Glorious Water Kingdom,​​ The Prosperous Nation of Migrant Fairies, And the United Confederate of Mythical Creatures and Demons. Time has passed and the world has changed. As time passed by, the four kingdoms that once ruled the world vanished, leaving behind an age of anxiety where countless sub-nations go into war to assert supremacy.

To revive the long-lost heritage and wisdom of the ancient time, adventurers’ mission is to explore abandoned ruins scattered throughout the World of Cryptia. Players will be adventures, use tactical strategies, build a team, defeat monsters and acquire well-deserved special prizes.

Unique gameplay features

  • Cryptocurrency-based training dojo: What sets Cryptia’s dojo apart from other games’ character-enhancing facilities is how the effectiveness of a training session fluctuates along with the actual cryptocurrency exchange rate.
  • World-class art & design: Cryptia’s senior experts has designed and upgraded all visual components to make an explosion of colors and action-packed animation.
  • PvP guild war: Guild war is World of Cryptia’s largest PvP event, in which guilds compete with one another over the rights to manage and operate Cryptia’s ruins. A guild getting victory quickest during the running duration of a guild war will earn complete ownership of a ruin.
  • Team ruins exploration: Players will experience new challenges no matter how many times they reenter a ruin. With each successful exploration, they will gain a treasure from the civilization of magicians hidden in the ruins.

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