Introducing Game Hub — The Ultimate Gaming Center in Blockchain world



Oct 18, 20213 min read

Introducing Game Hub — The Ultimate Gaming Center in Blockchain world

As we introduced to you before, the ecosystem features Launchpad, Game Hub, Guild Hub, Marketplace, Earn and Save, Game Pass, Game Portal, and Tournament. Following the phenomenal success of GameFi Launchpad, we are pleased to present Game Hub (former Aggregator). So, what is Game Hub exactly? In this article, we’ll discover.

👉🏻 Game Hub:

What is Game Hub, and how does it work?

Game Hub will be an ultimate gaming destination for gamers, investors, and other game studios.

Game Hub has been designed for gamers who are interested in blockchain games and want a comprehensive dashboard to check their in-game assets. Through GameFi Hub, players can simply track their earnings. Users may then quickly exchange, rent, and more their in-game items and NFTs, independent of the game they are playing.

For investors, Game Hub provides extensive and verifiable information on the best NFT games. Game modes, game studio, developers, advisors, tokenomics, whitepaper, and planned IGO events on GameFi are all covered.

How can Game Hub benefit you?

Play-to-earn games are becoming increasingly popular. However, due to its early stages of development, users are still facing some challenges. Firstly, there is no central gaming hub where players can discover and play top-rated blockchain games. Secondly, there is no portal where users may keep track of their profits and manage their in-game items.

That is why GameFi comes up with a new feature — Game Hub to solve existing problems in the blockchain gaming industry:

  • Users can explore and play a variety of blockchain games from different blockchain networks.
  • The Hub serves as a central storage location for players’ in-game goods as well as NFT assets.
  • Gamers can easily track their play-to-earn yields.
  • Allows gaming studios to gain immediate publicity for their games and in-game products.
  • Game studios will be more exposed and can interact with the gamers in the GameFi community.

Game Hub will become a gaming center for current and future blockchain games across multiple networks. Users have the opportunity to try out popular games without taking any risks. To ensure that all games offered on GameFi are secure and free of scams, they must undergo a rigorous process before being placed on the Aggregator.

Game Hub’s Roadmap - Phase 1

In the first phase of Game Hub, gamers and investors can see a collection of trending blockchain games with verified information provided by the game studios.

Users can filter out the games they like by game genres. Some of our categories are Action, Adventure, Card, Puzzle, Racing, Role Playing, Simulation, Sports, Strategy Real-Time, Strategy Turn-Based, Metaverse,… Furthermore, users can add the game they like to a favorite list and check the details later on.

The game description will give you in-depth information about game features, play mode, play-to-earn model…

Product roadmap and whitepaper are required to present a clear vision and plan for the community. The users can find the game’s licensing terms & privacy policy or system requirements if this information has been finalized by the studio as well.

Token information is strictly required for games to be listed on GameFi Aggregator. All the details of the game’s token like metrics, utilities, economy, distribution plan and vesting schedule are easily accessible on the GameFi platform.

Upcoming features

In the next phases, GameFi Aggregator will release the full set of features including:

  • In-game items management — where players can manage all their in-game assets from different games on one single dashboard
  • NFT library for copyrighted images, soundtracks, and gaming tools.
  • Play-to-earn yields tracking in one place regardless of the game they are playing.
  • Minigames from the game studio before releasing their official game to keep community interest and adopt early players.
  • Rate and comment boxes to increase engagement with the gamers in the GameFi community.

The first version of Game Hub will be launched this October 2021. Are you looking forward to it? Then take a look at our Game Hub now and follow us on official channels for the latest updates on our platform.

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