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Jun 21, 20224 min read

Join League of GameFi: Finding Top Favorite Games on Game Hub Game Hub is an all-in-one discovery hub for games and metaverses. With Game Hub, hopes to create an accessible and reliable destination for everyone to explore the world of games and metaverses.

Learn about Game Hub:

Celebrating the grand release of Game Hub, decided to host the event for all games and gamified projects presented on Game Hub: League of GameFi.

League of GameFi aims to find the three games with the most significant support from their game communities on Game Hub. The top three games with the highest points voted by their fans will be honored as the Top 3 Favorite Games and receive different service packages as rewards from

Venue: Game Hub:

Voting time: 14:00 UTC, June 22, 2022 - 14:00 UTC, June 28, 2022.

Top 3 Favorite Games announcement: June 30, 2022.

Reward time: Rewards will be sent to lucky community members’ wallets within 30 days after the Top 3 Favorite Games announcement.


Step 1: Go to official website:

Step 2: Click the [GAMES] tab to access Game Hub.

Step 3: Click [EXPLORE ALL GAMES] or [View All].

Step 4: Scroll down to find your favorite games, or enter the name of your favorite game in the [Search] bar.

Step 5: Click in the game to access its landing page.

Step 6: Connect your wallet.

Step 7: Like and write a review for your favorite game.

Click Like, sign to complete the action:


Click [Write first review] to Review, sign to complete the action:


🎮 For Top 3 Favorite Games:

Top 3 Favorite Games will receive broad support from the team by:

  • Getting featured on the homepage for one week;
  • Getting featured on the Game Hub in the top banner for one month;
  • Opportunity to join’s video series on’s official Youtube channel (Topic TBD);
  • Getting featured on GameFi Insight: A game review article conducted by the team.

🎮 For the communities of the Top 3 Favorite Games:

The 10 luckiest supporters from each game community in the Top 3 Favorite Games will share a reward pool. The pool size depends on the game's ranking they voted for.

  • The reward pool for the No.1 Favorite Game is 500 BUSD.
  • The reward pool for the No.2 Favorite Game is 300 BUSD.
  • The reward pool for the No.3 Favorite Game is 200 BUSD.

3️⃣ RULES will have updates for the ranks on the Leaderboard of Game Hub, you can see the Leaderboard on the right side of the screen. The rank is based on the performance points of the game on the Leaderboard.

📍Performance point = Like + Review.

  • One Like action = 1 point
  • One eligible Review action = 5 points

For example: Game A has 100 Likes and 50 Reviews. Then the performance point is: 100 + 50*5 = 350 points.


  • To be approved as an eligible Review, the review has to be topic-relevant and does not include harassment, profanity, racism, or spamming content;
  • Performance points will only be counted by the difference during the voting time for all games. The previous likes and views of displayed games on Game Hub can not affect their ranks on the Leaderboard.
  • When two games have the same performance points, the games with more views will rank higher;
  • Users can give only one Like and one eligible Review action for each game.
  • Users who complete all actions (Like and eligible Review) will have a better chance to receive community rewards;
  • reserves the right to refuse to reward if the team detects suspicious actions;
  •’s decision on the League of GameFi result will be the final decision on all matters.

League of GameFi event will officially begin at 14:00 UTC, June 22, 2022. The competition is expected to be a playground for game and metaverse communities to show support for their favorite projects. Stay tuned to Game Hub to keep track with League of GameFi!

This event and its result are not investment advice. Users are supposed to take responsibility for their actions.

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