Kingdom Quest Joins The NFT Race With Blind Chest INO ft. Special Airdrop Campaign



Apr 13, 20223 min read

Kingdom Quest Joins The NFT Race With Blind Chest INO ft. Special Airdrop Campaign is excited to announce the Blind Chest sale event for KingdomQuest, launching on April 16, 2022, with special rewards for users.

Kingdom Quest is a metaverse of game finance. Its ecosystem contains 4+ games, including puzzles, farming, battle, hunting, and more. The game is known for its remarkable difference: the 4 games — 1 token mechanism launching on Avalanche blockchain.

Kingdom Quest NFT— Hero can be used across their games in one ecosystem, providing long-term values for the owners.

As the users can use the same NFT for many activities in the metaverse of Kingdom Quest, the NFT value is well expected to be kept in balance and steadily rise after each game is released.

Kingdom Quest’s beta test gameplay, April 12, 2022.

In this collaboration with, Kingdom Quest offers their Blind Chest NFT for the first time. Unboxing 1 Blind Chest, you will receive 1 Mystery Chest. Unboxing 1 Mystery Chests, you will receive 1 Hero.

Trading market: GameFi Marketplace.

Dig into more information about Kingdom Quest via the links below:

Website | GameFi Hub | Discord | Telegram Channel | Main Chat | Twitter | Facebook |

💴 Special Airdrop campaign:

  • 600 slots to receive 1000 $KGC tokens
  • Drop date: 7 days after TGE — updating

Click to apply:



Total: 5000 Blind Chest

Price: 10 BUSD/Blind Chest

Purchase per person: No limitation, FCFS.

Unboxing 1 Blind Chest, you will receive 1 Mystery Chest. There are 4 types of Mystery Chest that you might get:

Unboxing 1 Mystery Chest, you will receive 1 Hero. There are 4 rarity levels of Hero, which will be revealed once Kingdom Quest’s mainnet is out, coming soon next month. Rarity levels as below:

There are 3 classes of Hero in Kingdom Quest: Assassin, Mage, and Warrior with different designs & power metrics. Hero classes will be randomly distributed on Kingdom Quest’s official website when Mystery Chests are revealed.

Assassin, Warrior, and Mage of Kingdom Quest.


  • Use the same NFT for 4+ gameplays in Kingdom Quest’s ecosystem;
  • Use NFT in special events like Tournament &Arena Battle to receive interest;
  • Optimize profits from trading NFT (Chest & Hero) on marketplaces.


  • Airdrop campaign opening: 10:00 UTC April 13, 2022.
  • Airdrop campaign closing: 10:00 UTC April 17, 2022.
  • SALE TIME: 10:00 UTC April 16–10:00 UTC April 17, 2022.


Step 1: Visit Kingdom Quest INO Pool at:

Step 2: Connect wallet

Step 3 (optional): Complete Gleam tasks to apply for Airdrop campaign:

Step 4: Order the number of items you would like to buy and click [Confirm]

Step 5: Check the number of purchased items in [Collection] tab.


  • Chests are available on a FCFS basis for everyone
  • Chests can be listed buy, sell, and trade on GameFi Marketplace after the sale.
  • Learn about guidelines on GameFi Marketplace HERE.

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