Let the Games Begin with GameStation — The Multi-chain Gaming Launchpad and Marketplace!



Oct 22, 20212 min read

Let the Games Begin with GameStation — The Multi-chain Gaming Launchpad and Marketplace!

We are delighted to announce that GameStation has partnered with GameFi to hold its IGO for $GAMER this October.

Traditional gaming industry models are inconvenient for developers, players and game management nowadays. Breaking down those barriers, GameStation was created with a ground-breaking multi-chain gaming launchpad and marketplace.

GameStation is a decentralized multi-chain gaming incubator and launchpad. This platform also allows users access to an NFT marketplace where they can buy and sell in-game assets. Furthermore, GameStation places a strong emphasis on community and gamers can create social events and tournaments.

The core idea of Gamestation is to empower independent game developers and gamers. They do it by allowing game developers to fund their ideas without giving away equity or IP. Besides, unlike most current gaming platforms, Gamestation users will have complete control of their virtual assets, with the option to loan, borrow, sell, and trade them as NFTs. By joining Gamestation, developers and gamers with a stake in their gameworld will be encouraged to engage. The platform also includes a community-controlled, transparent, decentralized game management system for tournament play.

Pioneering decentralized gaming, GameStation’s multi-chain environment has been built across the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, and Polkadot networks. Blockchain and tokenized events will serve as a launchpad to finance game development, allowing gamers to use tokens for in-game enhancements, and lenders can earn interest in the marketplace.

As a part of the collaboration, GameFi will conduct a public sale for $GAMER tokens — the fuel of the GameStation platform on October 28, 2021. Holding $GAMER provides access to private sales, the marketplace, future community events, and more. All the crypto market’s players can join this event on GameFi. More information about whitelist registration and the detailed IGO schedule will be released soon.

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