Let’s Apply Whitelist for Mech Master’s NFT Box Sale NOW!



Oct 6, 20212 min read

Let’s Apply Whitelist for Mech Master’s NFT Box Sale NOW!

We are excited to announce that GameFi will launch the Mech Master NFT Mystery Box Sale on October 12, 2021. Everyone will have opportunities to possess these valuable boxes.

Read on for more details!


  • Whitelist opening: 02:00 p.m UTC, October 6, 2021
  • Whitelist closing: 04:00 a.m UTC, October 12, 2021
  • Start sale: 01:00 p.m UTC, October 12, 2021


Private Pool

  • Total Boxes: 1000
  • Network: BSC
  • Accepted Currency: BNB
  • Price per box: 0.35 BNB
  • An address is limited to 20 boxes for the Legend tier and 10 boxes for other ones.
  • The private pool is only for GameFi members with Rookie at min rank.

Community Pool

  • Total Boxes: 5000
  • Network: BSC
  • Accepted Currency: BNB
  • Price per box: 0.4 BNB
  • An address is limited to 10 boxes
  • Special offer: For every buyer of the community pool, a KYC-free ticket for IGO allocation is included (per buyer only, no matter how many purchased boxes) for Mech Master IGO on 24 October 2021 (FCFS basis applied, 30% successful rate of the total issued IGO tickets)
  • Buy 1 NFT box, get a $20 IGO allocation
  • Buy 2 → 4 NFT boxes, get a $30 IGO allocation
  • Buy 5 → 10 NFT boxes, get a $75 IGO allocation

How to buy Mech Master NFT Boxes on GameFi?

Step 1: Apply to whitelist

  • Connect wallet on GameFi at https://hub.gamefi.org/ and visit Mystery boxes
  • Choose the pool you will join: Private Pool or Community Pool

* To join the Private Pool, you need to be a GameFi member with Rookie at min rank.

(Learn more about GameFi Launchpad Rank HERE)

* The community pool is open for everyone.

  • Press “Apply Whitelist” and wait for the successful notification message.
  • Order the number of boxes you would like to buy and press “Confirm.”

⚡️ NOTE:

  • After closing the whitelist, Legend rank whitelisters can pre-order NFT boxes. Other ranks will buy in the form of FCFS when the sale starts.
  • Legend rank can buy up to a maximum of 20 boxes, other ranks are limited to 10 boxes.
  • NFT boxes’ price is different in 2 pools.
  • The whitelist registration is prioritized to buy NFT boxes when the sale is open.

Step 2: Buy NFT Mystery boxes on time

  • Connect wallet on GameFi (if you didn’t apply to the Whitelist before)
  • Select the number of NFT boxes you want to possess by clicking on the Amount tab
  • Purchase Mystery Box in the GameFi Market before it’s sold out
  • Check your quantity of purchased boxes in your collection

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